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Narayana Gurukulam

Narayana Gurukulam foundation was established in 1923 by Nataraja Guru, the successor disciple of Narayana Guru, a Guru-disciple foundation for teaching unitive understanding and universal brotherhood. Open to all who seek the wisdom of the Absolute (Brahma - Vidya) of which Narayana Guru is a model and exemplar. The great Gurukula with its organization, the yellow fellowship is meant for larger circle of lay disciples who wish to confirm to the Gurukula way of life by accepting its motto of One caste or race, One religion and one God for man. With head quarters in Varkala, Kerala state, the Gurukulam now has centers throughout South India, in Singapore, Belgium, Australia, Fiji Islands, Europe and United States of America.

Nataraja Guru

Nataraja Guru is the disciple–successor of Narayana Guru. Born in 1895 in Mysore where his father Dr. Palpu was chief doctor in Govt. medical department. Graduated in English from the Trinity College Cylon, M.A and L.T from presidency college Madras, he left India to study in Europe sent by Narayana Guru himself. Nataraja Guru was awarded D.Lit degree from Sorbonne, Paris. In 1923 he founded Narayana Gurukulam a Guru-disciple foundation open to all who seek the wisdom of the absolute. The Guru has translated to English and commented all of the major works of Narayana Guru and has written on a wide variety of subjects. Among Guru’s major works are “The Word of the Guru”, “An integrated science of the Absolute”, “One hundred verses of self-instruction”, “An upsurging billow of the beauty of the Absolute” and “Independent commentary on Bhagavat Gita”.


Swami Mangalananda

Swami Mangalananda was second in succession of the spiritual hierarchy of Narayana Guru. In those days there were no religious conferences and seminars without him. Those who heard his lecture on the great poet Kumaran Asan's famous works will never forget. His able exposition of the teachings of Narayana Guru was unique. One of the finest orators in Malayalam; he was known not only in Kerala but in major cities of India and overseas in Malaya, Singapore and Ceylon also. He attained Samadhi on 25th January 1967.



John Spiers   

John Spiers born in Scotland crossing all the barriers of language, religion and nation, came to India and became the first disciple of Nataraja Guru. He was one of the architects in establishing Narayana Gurukulam. John worked hard to make people understand the Guru in the proper perspective, as Guru of Humanity. He started the monthly magazine "Values" devoted to integrating human understanding unitively, impartially and globally based on the wisdom of Narayana Guru. He had authored Warrior Rishi (Narayana Guru), What India means to me, What Europe means to me and Pagan Europe.

Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati

Nitya Chaithanya Yati was born in 1924 in Murinjakal, Pathanamthitta Dt. Kerala. His formal academic Training in Philosophy and Psychology was complimented by eight years as a wandering seeker and mendicant. During that time he studied with many of India’s Traditional Gurus, including Ramana Maharshi and Mahatma Gandhi as well as the Dutch Scholar of religions Dr. G.H. Mees. Guru Nitya later spent eighteen months in retreat observing silence. As a direct disciple of Nataraja Guru, Nitya Chaithanya Yati became a part of the spiritual hierarchy of Narayana Guru. He had a long career as university professor in India, Europe and theUnited States of America and authored about 25 books in English and over 100 in Malayalam. Some of his major works: “A Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita”, “Neither this nor that but AUM”, “Love and Devotion”, “The Psychology of Darsanamala”, “Brahadaranyaka Upanishad detailed commentary”.


Guru Muni Narayana Prasad

Muni Narayana Prasad was born in 1938 in Nagarur, Thiruvananthapuram Dt. Kerala. After passed out from Engineering College Thiruvananthapuram, he joined in Kerala Govt. Public works department. From 1960 onwards he became an inmate in Narayana Gurukulam as a disciple of Nataraja Guru. Muni Narayana Prasad was initiated as a renunciate in 1985 by Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati, traveled widely teaching Indian Philosophy, reinterpreted and restated by Narayana Guru.

Swami Muni Narayana Prasad is the Guru and Head of Narayana Gurukulam.  He has authored about 90 books including commentaries on Kattha, Kena, Mundaka, Prasna, Taitariya, Aithareya and Chandogya Upanisads. Other major works of Guru Muni: “Commentary on Narayana Guru’s complete works” (English & Malayalam), “Karma and reincarnation” (English & Malayalam), “Vedanta Sutras of Narayana Guru”, “Life Pilgrimage through Gita” (English & Malayalam commentary on Bhagavat Gita) “Basic Lessons of India’s Wisdom”, “Garland of Visions” etc.. 

Address and contact details of Gurukula Headquarters:

Narayana Gurukula
Sreenivasapuram P.O.
Varkala, Kerala, 
India - 695145.
Telephone: +91-470-2602398

Gurukulam Darshanika Masika - Editorial August 2010

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