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Gurudarsanam web-site is meant to learn and make known the teachings of Sree Narayana guru.Our sincere thanks to all who took the pain to mail Questions, Suggestions and comments. Our request to the participants of the class is your Questions should be about the class only.

this website is a very exclusive passage to Guru,s teachings my hearty wishes for the growth of this web
Hari hara das.k
Best wishes
P.Vasudevan, Edappally, Kochi
There is no replacement to Dr.Bhaskaran to teach and explain the writtings of Gurudevan.His demise ia a great lose.
Aneesh P.T. Idukki
your classes help us to know writings of guru and give us more classes about darsanamala. what i can say about this class ilost words to say about it . its above my expectations
Sunil Shakthidharan Puveily
very meaningful attempt

namaskaram,enikku guru nithya chaithanya swamikalute classil panketukan kazhinchathanu ente bagyam,athupole gurukula classukalilum, eniyum padikkan agrahamunde, ennu gurukripayal ravi

Santhosh P R

Best wishes for this new idea of online class about Sree Narayana Guru.


This is an excellent initiative. I congratulate Sri.Siddhaardhan and others. I am sure that your efforts would go a long way in instilling the Gurudev's values among our people.Selfless service in this ideal cause is what the world looks forward to.

Pamela Gopalakrishnan
I would like to be a member in this and pls send me any publications or letters when available
Sidhardhan M V
very useful for the new generation
Good start., Well designed. We offer all our support
P.Nagappaswamy, Shiv layam ,Eroor (s) Tripunithura.
WISH ALL SUCCESS IN THIS NEW VENURE. REQUEST THE DEVOTEES TO SEND E-MAIL REGARDING THIS SITE TO THEIR FRIENDS IN INDIA & ABROAD. Is it better to give the malayalam vertion of DAIVADASAKAM first then the english .It will be more appropriate to hear the audios along with the malayam vertion. WITH ALL GOOD WISHES
V.S. Venu

Greatly appreciate your noble effort. Was fortunate to meet and interact with Swami Muni Narayana Prasad during his short stay in Dubai. I will try to spread the word about this facility to know about Guru, to everybody who are in my communication circle.

guru eeswaranakunnathengane?, Hari, Ernakulam,June 16, 2010
If you read the passage in the Gurudarsanam page carefully your doubt will be cleared.Guru is the one who realised the truth. He is Brahmagnani; that Brahmagnani is Brahma itself.
how can I differentiate knowledge and wisdom,a teacher,preacher and a Guru?, P.Vasudevan, Edappally,June 8, 2010
A Guru can Teach or Preach; but a Teacher or Preacher is not a Guru. Anybody can be a Teacher or a Preacher. But a Guru is the one who realised the ultimate truth in himself. Wisdom is the highest of human values. The mistery of the Absolute will unraveled by wisdom, is not knowledge. Information gathered from the outside world through five sense organs [gyanendriyas] is knowledge
Premnath T,   May 21, 2010
Wish you all success in this novel venture. I hope everybody who use this facility will be benefited to enrich their knowledge.
Ashokan,   May 21, 2010
K.P.Joseph,   May 22, 2010
Kunhiraman M. Paleri,    May 26, 2010
I Would like to know more about Sree Nrayana Gurudevan
P.Vasudevan,   May 27, 2010
congrats!!! opened the site.It is great effort on Gurudevan. Wish all success to the orginisers.I will be a regular visitor of the site.Regret my inability to attend the opening ceremony
Dr.S.C.Bose,    May 27, 2010
Good attempt.Wish you all the best
sudheerlal,    May 30, 2010
Shibu.k.r,     May 30, 2010
The light for step forword
Sujit,    May 24, 2010

Q: My question to the developers/operators of this website is - how could the lineage of Narayana Guru be complete if you exclude Bodhananda Swamikal - the first handpicked spiritual successor from the equation? Also many may have forgotten that it was Bodhananda Swamikal who first established the Narayana Gurukulam at Fernhill.

A: Bodhananda Swami was the disciple-successor of Sree Narayana Guru and Dharmasangam Trust established by Guru. When Natarajaguru meets,he was living in coonoor, the Nilgiris. Nataraja guru stayed with him for some time after leaving home. But soon he bid farewell to Bodhananda swami and established Narayana Gurukulam in Fernhill with the blessings of Sree Narayana guru. It is unwise to think , while Bodhananda swami was in charge of the Dharmasangam Trust took initiative tomake another organization. Nataraja guru was the man who Founded Narayana Gurukulam in 1923.It is a historical fact.

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