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Sree Vasudeva Ashtakam - Class V

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O the one of lotus feet,
That give out jingling sounds
Created by the charming
Gems of the anklets,
O the one of eyes,
Long like lotus petals,
O the compassionate one,
O the one with lotus in the navel,
O the life-restoring medicine,
O the one who is
The elixir of immortality in essence,
O the one who keeps happy
To all the virtuous ones,
O the Lord of both Sri and Bhu,
O Hari, please take a way
All my afflictions.

(“Manjeera manjumani sinjitha paada padma
Kanjaayathaaksha karunakara kanjanaabha
Sanjeevanaushadha sudhaamaya saadhuramya
Sree Bhoopathe hara hare sakalaamayam mae”):
Free translation:
Manjeera = gems of anklets.
manjumani sinjitha paada padma = giving out jingling sounds
paada padma = one with lotus feet.
Kanjaayathaaksha = O the one who has the eyes long like that of lotus petals
Karunakara = the compassionate one
Kanjam = lotus
kanjanaabha = the one who has lotus in the naval.
Sanjeevanaushadha = the life restoring medicine
sudhaamaya = the elixir of immortality in essence.
saadhuramya= the one who keeps happy to all the virtuous ones
Sree Bhoopathe = the Lord of both Sree and Bhu 
Hara hare sakalamayam mae = O Hari, please take away all my afflictions and difficulties

In this verse, the Guru depicts the importance of divine pure tone (naadam), Lord’s compassion, life-restoring medicine and the people of moral excellence. Naadam relates to the external voice arising from the Lord’s anklets. This is expressed in the beautiful lines of artwork “O the one with lotus foot, who gives out jingling attractive sounds from the gems of anklets, O the one who has eyes like long lotus petals”. The verse also addresses Lord as the compassionate one and the source of life-restoring medicine, a substance to cure all ills. In spiritual aspect, this can be seen as to maintain life indefinitely. The epic aspect of Lord Maha-Vishnu having lotus in the naval is brought into the poem, which also to be learned by-heart. It concludes with a re-affirmation that the Lord keeps everyone who is of moral excellence, happy. The key message of this verse directs to the need of a genuinely good person and a respectable individual qualified to seek God’s blessings.

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