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Sree Vasudeva Ashtakam - Class IV

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O the onewho is aananda,
In essential content,
O the one who adds beauty
To the ocean of happiness
Of the father Anandadundubhi,
O the Royal Swan (raajahamsa)
Equal towards both
Commendation and condemnation,
O the Lord of both Sri and Bhu,
O Hari, please take away
All my afflictions.

SreeBhoopathehara hare sakalaamayammae”):
Aanandaroopa= the one who exists in Bliss form
Janakaaanakapoorvadundubhi= Sree Krishna’s fatherVasudeva.
Aanandasagara= ocean of happiness.
Sudhakarasoukumarya= the one who has the beauty of moon’s brightness
Maanapamaanasamamaanasa raja hamsa= those who treat dignity and insult equally, are the possessors of mind of the royal swan.
SreeBhoopathe = the Lord of both Sreeand Bhu 
Hara hare sakalamayammae= O Hari, please take away all my afflictions and difficulties

In this verse, analogical treatment in devotional splendor can be seen therebyelevating the devotee to aphilosophical point. Lord exists in the form of bliss; this entails the origin point ofBlessedness, Harmony, Happiness etc. Besides, a new concept is brought in by the Guru through the line ‘Maanapamaanasamamaanasa raja hamsa’, which has a great application in harmonizing the life. According to this, the author reaffirms that the Lord exists in those personalities, who have overcome the dualities of dignity and insult, happiness & sorrow, good & bad, matter & spirit. For a common man, this sounds very strange, but a true devotee surrendered to Lord has a space to comply.

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