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Sree Vasudeva Ashtakam - Class II

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O Govinda, the recoverer of the earth
O the dear son of Gopa,
O the one who finds joy
In taking care of cows,
O the one who can make
One’s own beautiful body
Felt by each of the Gopi girls
As closely attached to hers,
O the husband of Godevi (the goddess of the earth),
O the one always worshipped by
Such gods as Maheshwara (Siva),
O the Lord of both Sree and Bhu
O Hari, please take away
All my afflictions.

SreeBhoopathehara hare sakalamayammae”):

Govinda=the recoverer of earth
Gopasudha=the dear son of Nandagopa
Goganapaalalola=the one who finds joy in taking care of a group of cows.
Gopeejanaangakamaneeyanijaangasanga=the one whose beautiful body felt attached to that of beautiful girls.
Godevivallabha=the husband of Goddess of Earth

Maheshwaramukhya=the one who is respected by Lord Siva and Lord Brahma.

SreeBhoopathe=the Lord of both Sree and Bhu
Hara hare sakalamayammae=O Hari, please take away all my afflictions and difficulties


When a Vishnu devotee poet praises his Lord in his poem, it is natural that among the Trinity, the rest of the two, i.e. Lord Siva and Lord Brahma would be serving Lord Vishnu. Such praising entails the belief of Deity being the Supreme Truth, which is the fundamental principle underlying in Indian devotional system. SreeNarayana Guru’s composition of this kind had been in his early age of youth, as a devotee is similar to this status.

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