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Sree Vasudeva Ashtakam - Class I

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This Sanskrit work was written while the author was living as a student at Varanappally, Kayamkulam. Once he had a vision of Sree Krishna as described in the single verse calledSreeKrishnaDarshanam (Visualizing Sree Krishna). The present work is supposedly written after that event at the request of the Head of the Varanappally Family where he was a boarder.
Nataraja Guru thinks it was written between 1884 and 1887. The composition is in the Vasanthathilakam metre.
Translation & explanation of Verse-1
O Vasudeva,
O the one who holds in each hand
The lotus flower, the Paanchajanya conch,
The mace named Kaumodakee,
And the disc that averts all fears,
O the one who has the black spot
Known as Sreevalsa on the chest,
O the one who does away with
All sorts of hurts,
O the Lord of both Sree and Bhu
O Hari, please take away
All my afflictions.

(“Sree Vasudeva saraseeruha paanchajanya
Kaumodakee bhayanivaarana chakrapaane
Sree valsa valsa, sakalaamayamoola naashin
Sree Bhoopathe hara hare sakalamayam mae”):

Sree Vasudeva =the son of Vasudev
Saraseeruha paanchajanya=the one who holds the lotus flower and the paanchajanya conch
Kaumodakee bhayanivaarana chakrapaane=the one who holds the mace named Kaumodaki and the disc that averts all fears.
Sree valsa valsa=the one who has the black spot known as Sreevalsa on the chest.
Sakalaamayamoola naashin=the one who does away with all sorts of hurts

Sree Bhoopathe=the Lord of both Sree and Bhu
Hara hare sakalamayam mae=O Hari, please take away all my afflictions and difficulties

From this verse, we get the result of holy-chanting thereby attaining the blessing of God. It addresses the devotees’ request to free him from the material life difficulties. According to Indian mythology, Sree is the Goddess of prosperity and Bhu, the Goddess of the earth are wives of Vishnu. In any devotional school of thought, it is very common to visualize the respective Lord being at the helm of all good qualities and righteousness. This verse is of such nature and reaffirms the devotees’ minds with peace and confidence.

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