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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class- X

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These meaningless incoherent
Words of mine are like
The lisps of an infant
In distress, but knows
No means of expressing it.
You, alongwith the Mother, (like a mother)
Are my sole refuge now,
O my Supreme Lord
Residingat the Kolathukara Temple.

Maalundu=I do have sorrow
athurappan=to make that understand
kazhivillasishuvinte= like a small child, who is unable to do anything
nirardhadhwaniyaanu= meaningless voices
entepulambel= telling of my grief
engilumambasamam= eventhen, it is you who sits along with Goddess MotherParvathi, like a mother
aalambanam= I can depend on to protect me
KolathukarakkovililvaazhumParameshan=O the Supreme Lord residingat the Kolathukara Temple

In this verse, a normal person’s position is compared to that of an infant.

When an infant cries for something, it is only theinfant’s mother, who can understand the real needs. But for others, who listen to the infant’s grief, it will not be properly understood and those views become meaningless. A normal person’s specific requestto God is very similar to that of the infant.

In this context, there is no meaning in my prayer asking God to fulfill my needs. Ordinary people would think it is meaningful to make such requests to God. But in God’s view, such requests are meaningless grievances only. This is because, whatever happens in this world, it is not due to any individuals’ wish, but only as per God’s wish. Hence my desires requested through my prayers have literally no value.
I am only a drop of water in the all dependent ocean, which is you. The drop cannot be different from the ocean. Likewise, I am not different from you. When this is realized, all your wishes become my desires. In fact, all sorrows are eliminated when I view my desires as your wishes. As long as I do not realize this principle, I keep on crying on my desires and requesting you to grant them. Please treat it only as my sorrows. Really I need what you would give me as per your wish. I do not have any special desires. You are not only my ever-protecting force, but also one who is inseparable with universal mother Lord Parvathi.That Mother’s half has been made as your half. Hence you also become as Mother, and therefore I do not need to fear anything. Even if I request my desires to you or not, you bless me with adequate needs.

When there is a need of sour or sweet moment, you render such events adequately in accordance with the nature. The principle behind is that sour experience is not always bitter and sweet experience is not always happier. You the Supreme Lord being our dependent force, lead us to be free of all external threats and to attain salvation.

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