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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-IX

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Even Brahma and Vishnu
Feel your boundless grandeur
To be immensely immeasurable.
Who else then is there to describe it?
I was only giving vent to
A few of my humble aspirations;
O the Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple.

Dhaadhavinum=to Brahma
Madhavanumkoodi=to Vishnu too
ameyam= it is not possible to ensure which kind of
Veedhavadhi= countless
Nin vaibhavam=your greatness
aaraanuracheyvaan= who is there to explain after realizing this
Ethaanumivennullabhilashangalparanjen= I said few of my desires
KolathukarakkovililvaazhumBhagavaane=O the Supreme Lord residingat the Kolathukara Temple

O Lord, You are the one who made happen each and everyone in this universe in specific form and nature. In the analogy of an ornament made of gold, the ornament is a form and the gold metal is the real thing. The ornament can be re-formed to the gold metal. Your creation of the universe is similar to the gold ornament. Everything comes from You and after a period of time, the same will return and merge into You. So the Creation, the End and the Existence, which is in-between the two – when everything in this nature exist in any form, your presence exist as it is.

No one in this world would be able to know what will happen in the future. We all know only a very small fraction about this nature. That which is not known to us is called grandeur or miracle. In fact, we call it for a thing or a situation that cannot be logically explained. That is the reason when magicians perform their skills; the audience feels everything as surprises. But for magicians, it is not any special thing, instead only an ordinary act. When we realize the technique he uses, it would not be any more surprise for us. So our ignorance is causing us surprises coming out from the magic. This is applicable for all surprises we see in our normal life. Whenever we feel surprised, we should understand that it is due to our lack of knowledge. Our aim is to remove such ignorance.

You are grandeur among the miracles. Realizing You as the great grandeur is the Supreme Knowledge. In other words, the Supreme Knowledge can be said to be that grandeur that cannot be measured by anyone. When I realize that, I will see myself and everything in this universe as a tiny fraction of your grandeur.

There is nothing exists here that is not originated from your Divine Creation or Vaibhavam, and therefore, we call you Brahma or Dhaadhav. Similarly, in order to protect and sustain the existence of all living beings in this universe, you are known as Vishnu or Madhavan. Even having such powers to Brahma and Vishnu, they are unable to know your superior strength. This is supported by the occasion to find out your illuminating symbol by Vishnu in the form of a pig going into the earth’s crust and Brahma in the form of a swam flying up to find out your head. Both of them returned barehanded without finding the real one.

When we are requesting you to bless us with our desires, due to our ignorance, we are indirectly deviating from your wish. So we should ideally be satisfied with what you give us. In this context, you need not grant all our desires; because I am only a micro-fraction of your fireball. Therefore, your wishes should be my wishes. But as a householder and having faced with several hardships and day-to-day difficulties, I am tending to request such desires to you. You may forgive me all such indiscretion thoughts.

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