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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-VIII

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Forgive-all my sinful acts
That I might have committed
Owing to my own fickle mind.
Helping me to avoid all the griefs,
Please possess me, and moreover,
Let me eternally remember your
Holy feet that would obviate all sins,
O the Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple.

(“Chaapalya vashaal cheythoru paapangal poruthen
Thaapangalozhichaalanam ennallini nithyam
Paapaapahamaam ninpadamorkkaay varanam mae
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum Bhagavaane”):
Chaapalya vashaal = due to unsteadiness and my fickle mind
Paapangal poruthu = forgiving my sinful acts
En Thaapangal = my sorrows and grief.
Ozhichaalanam = save me by avoiding them
Ennallini nithyam = from now on, every moment and for ever
Paapaapahamaam = the strength to destroy all sins
Ninpadam = your holy feet and your word
Orkkaay varanam mae = to remember you at every instant and eternally
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum Bhagavaane = O the Supreme Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple

Chaapalya vashaal cheythoru paapangal poruthu:
Being a householder, my prayer is focused on the daily needs. At the same time, I would wish to view it united with the Supreme Principle, which is You the Lord. I love to lead a life that is totally acceptable to Supreme Principle. But due to the worldly desires and various pressures that a normal householder has to face, this would not always happen. The only solution is You forgive me on such acts.

When I live according to Lord’s wish, I would be devoid of all sins. But when I live only as per my wish, it would become a sin. Now, what is the way to understand God’s decision and his wish? It is not known to anyone, due to its nature of directional unsteadiness. Since I am a part of the whole system, it is quite natural that my mind will be fickle. But it becomes sin, when I feel that the ownership of action comes to me. When I realize that you are the owner of every action, the unsteadiness also becomes yours. Therefore, my action shall be always focused on the moral values acceptable to God.

During the normal life journey, there is every possibility of sins in my action, mostly happening non-purposively. This happens naturally in line with the life situations. But at the same time, I do not know how you would treat such actions, because in terms of Supreme Lord’s principle, the human minds’ perception is very limited and can lead to insight conflicts. And I am ignorant of what would be sin and what would be goodness as per Supreme Lord’s principle. It is advisable to understand that we all are only the instruments to do actions directed by God. Then there would not be any guilty feeling of sin.

En thaapangalozhichaalanam ennallini nithyam:
When I do a wrong action, guilty feeling will haunt like a fire in me. With that heaviness of mind, it may lead to do another mistake and would be a new repenting element. Such instances would add up to a giant fire and eventually this would result in a very big sadness. I need to escape from this grief, forever.

Paapaapahamaam ninpadam orkkaay varanam mae:
When I come to know that your creative power is working in me as actions, I realize that actual actions are only in you and not in me. Then I would think about you only, whenever I perform any action and not on the benefits brought out by that action. This will gracefully allow me to take wise decisions before doing any action, even that is inevitable. Overall, when I lead the life by clearly understanding that any of my action is part of your Divine play spread across this universe, I would be free from all sins.

Your word is that which kills all sins. It is also your Divine position and your holy foot. You are beyond all powers in this universe and you are the basis of everything. Thus, in a cosmological view, your presence fills from bottom to the top of everything representing pure substance and supreme bliss. In terms of time, You are the past, the present and the future, and You are beyond time. In other words, You are ‘Aksharam’ meaning that is imperishable, which is the cause of the cosmic world. This position of Yours is linguistically represented by the word ‘AUM’.

When I always remember the power of ‘AUM’, there will not be any spiritual place of goodness and sin in cosmic life. Constant chanting of this Divine word and meditating its meaning is the panacea of all sins.

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