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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-VII

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Let not penury related dreadful sufferings
Approach me, and from me banish
Haughtiness always,
And grant me the lucky opportunity
To live in the vicinity of the virtuous,
O the Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple.

(“Daaridrya mahaadukhamananjeedaruthennil
Doorathakalenam madamennum sujanaanaam
Chaarathu vasippanoru bhaagyam varanam shree
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum Bhagavaane”):
Daaridrya mahaadukham = the sorrow of big poverty
Ennil ananjeedaruthu = let not approach me
Ennum = always
madam = haughtiness
doorathu akalenam = it should be far away from me
sujanaanaam = good and wise people
chaarathu vasippan oru bhaagyam varanam = fortunate to be in the vicinity
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum Bhagavaane = O the Supreme Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple

Daaridrya mahaadukhamananjeedaruthennil:
Wealth appears to be a plate that carries dreadful sufferings. As per an ancient saying, the people who are financially poor lead their life happily although they have to spend their daily earnings for every day needs. They do not have any penny to keep for the future. On the other hand, the people having accumulated wealth might not have a good peace of mind.

The poverty in terms of good food and clothes for the poor people is less intense than the poverty of good mind for the rich people having financial wealth. The poverty of good culture, compassion and wisdom is a major drawback. Such poverty cannot be eradicated with any amount of money. In order to overcome such element of poverty, interaction with good people is needed as advised by ancient seers and our ancestors. 

Doorathakalenam madamennum sujanaanaam
Associating our daily lives with such virtuous people will result in gaining pure knowledge, culture and openness of mind thereby removing the poverty.

When I am wanting for desires one after another, and dissatisfied with whatever acquired, it results in haughtiness (‘Madam’). This is a big poverty caused by mental depressions and lack of self-awareness. In order to get rid of this ‘Madam’, interaction with good people and developing wise thoughts are required. A regular practice of such association in our life will take us to realize that we are living in a gamut of thick darkness of ignorance. Arrogant people would always behave in a manner in which they pretend the ability to control everything.

Association with wise people also brings us the knowledge of all dependant Supreme Power of God and to realize that we are only a fraction of his Divine Play. Such situation will also make us to understand that how small we are and the Supreme Lord is everything, who brought every single item existing in this world. Then we realize that we do not have anything of our own and only through His blessings we received all what is essential to lead our life. It came to us as Lord’s “Prasadam” to experience wisely. I am only a custodian of all such things and the Supreme Lord is the sole owner of that. Then we will not have the feeling that I have to acquire everything as my own and it will be far from my thought. Thus I will be free from the big poverty.

Chaarathu vasippan oru bhaagyam varanam:
When I understand that Supreme Lord is all dependant force, it becomes clear that Lord exist in me as my Master, whom I depend on. According to the Upanishad mantra “Aham Brahmasmi” and in reality, I am You, the Lord. In light of this conclusion, everything existing in this universe is of mine too. When this principle is realized, there will not be any thought of poverty in me. Such a situation will not give any sort of haughtiness or poverty, but instead I will be blessed with abundance.

Dreadful sufferings and abundance exist in our minds. When the mind is filled with pure thoughts and associated with good knowledge, concern of poverty will be eliminated and the abundance and happiness will dominate. This will always bring a balanced state of mind and self-awareness.

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