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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-VI

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Please avoid sickness and other afflictions,
O the Desire-fulfiller, O the Destroyer of desires,
O the ocean of compassion,
O the Happiness-maker, please give me
Happiness with all compassion,
O the Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple.
(“Rogaadikalellam ozhivaakkeeduka venam
Hae kamada kamaandaka kaarunya payodhe
Ekeedename soukhyam enikkanpodu Shambho
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum Bhagavaane”):
Shambho = the one who bring happiness with all compassion.
Hae kamada = the one who makes all proper desires happened
Kamaandaka = the destroyer of all pleasures.
Kaarunya payodhe = the ocean of mercy
Rogaadikalellam = the sickness, hardships and health diseases
Ozhivaakkeeduka venam = should be free from my body
Enikkanpodu = grant me with grace Soukhyam
Ekeedename = kindly give me happiness and peace
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum Bhagavaane = O the Supreme Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple
Hae kamada kamaandaka:
In the normal reading, the term kamada and kamaandaka may appear to be conflicting; but when wholly considered, the gross difference can be understood. The question is ‘How could God fulfill all our desires and at the same time destroyer of all pleasures?’ But in reality, all our likes need not be healthier always. So there should be a selective approach for this need. It is God who knows everything in us and blesses us on the moral side of our proper desires. Other likes and desires in us are not warranted for a healthier life and they are to be destroyed. For instance, a patient having a certain disease wishes (ishtam) to have sugar in his food. But according to his doctor, for his treatment he shall forbid using sugar. So, his proper desire shall be to take the food having bitter taste; that is ‘hitham’ for him but not his ishtam. In order to avoid non-righteous desires, it is God who governs our life and bless with apt needs for our life, which is an ocean of Grace.
The sickness can occur to our body or mind. Aadhi is the illness of the mind and Vyaadhi is that of the body. According to Indian medical science, the basic cause of all illness is the thirst for pleasure. The attachments, desires and likes for pleasures lead to competition and angers. This will further result in hatred between the people and altogether it imbalances the mind level. Bhagavat Gita clarifies this in a very detailed manner. So the sickness is ultimately curable within us, if we are able to control our desires and materialistic attachments. O Lord, please bless us to be free from such illness. However, the sickness evolved through nature cannot be stopped or controlled by us. Accepting that reality, O Lord, please grace us to protect from sickness caused by the nature, which is beyond our control.
‘Sham’ means happiness or joy. ‘Shambhu’ means one who brings happiness. But at the same time, you are also coming in the role of Lord of Death. Here again, there is a dilemma to perceive the fact. No one treats destruction as a measure of happiness. This can be understood in easier way. Imagine a situation when nothing will be destroyed forever. Such a life will not be liked by anyone; as novelty is one of the necessities for happiness. Hence happiness comes through transformation of destruction. Thus you become Shambhu. The example of egg concept gives more clarity in this regard. The destruction of egg gives birth to chicken.
Ekeedename soukhyam:
Though everyone in this world is living for happiness, we are not fully knowledgeable about the ideal happiness. You are the one who knows what our real happiness is. But we will be able to know that happiness, only when we realize all these creations are part of your Divine play. Sorrows and happiness thus become part of that play and thereby we would be able to see them equally. That brings peace and while continuing so, our life will not be affected by the life’s complex terrain. Such peace will continue with us, when you and your Divine Play are filled-in us.

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