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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-V

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Let my limbs such as hands and feet
Not do anyun-virtuous deed
Let them not be tempted to do
Anything forbidden in an improper manner,
OLord, residing at theKolathukaraTemple.

("Kaikaal muthalaam ennudeanganglilonnum
Cheyyathorusathkarmmamozhinjangavivek aal
Vayyaathathu cheyyaan thuniyaathakkuka venam

Kaikaal muthalaam=hands, feet, tongue, eye etc. andother organs of thebody
Ennudeangangalilonnum =anyof these sense organs
Sathkarmmamozhinju=nothing other than wise action
Cheyyathoru=not to do
Angu avivekaal=un-virtuous deed and bad action
Vayyaathathu cheyyaan=the temptation to do the forbiddenact
Thuniyaathakkuka venam=Please bless me not toattempt in suchimproperbehavior
KolathukarakkovililvaazhumBhagavaane=O theLord, residing at theKolathukaraTemple.

You are Bhagavaan, meaning six 'bhagaa'consisting ofKnowledge, Power, Strength, Prosperity, Energy and Illumin.O Lord, the completeness of all these are only existing in you.In me, all such qualities are incomplete.This is mydemerit that needs to be resolved.When we enquire more into these aspects, it will be known that no person in this world can be a complete man.But I visualize and believe that You are the only one who possess such qualities.Thus You become Bhagavaan.In fact, the common man's aim shall be to attain all the qualities of Bhagavaan.When our Knowledge is incomplete, our mind will not have enough strength to take proper decisions in our life's various situations.This will result in losing the body-strength.So the strength also becomes incomplete, which will in turn weaken our energyand the power ofdiscernment. My laziness and ignorance on Supreme Truth are part of my incompleteness.Attainment of Supreme Truth means reaching the completeness of humanity.The tools required for such attainment are good actions.Contrary to this isbad action.

Kaikaal muthalaam ennudeanganglilonnum
Cheyyathorusathkarmmamozhinjangavivek aal
Vayyaathathu cheyyaan thuniyaathakkuka venam
(Underlying principle of Good action andbad action):

What is good to me may appear bad to others.So there is, a need to understand what is acceptable to all as good action and a way to make all actions good.When we perceive that the 'doer' of all actions is You,then there would not be any feeling of the actioncreated by our own.Because, You are the one Pure Substance appearing in the cosmic world as various forms of human beings and other living beings.So our power of action is another form of your talent and we are only the instruments created by You.

When someone is doing their duty with an attitude of authorship, then such action can be termed as bad action due to egoistic nature. Thiswill in fact, cause large fear to that person.But if we realize that all actions are directed by the Supreme Lord, then there would not be any fear in our life.Those actions which are not acceptable toSupreme Lord, (thePure Substance) is therefore termed as bad actions.When we understand this principle, we will see our own presence in everything we feel or experience.Thereby, we will not perform any action which is good only to me and at the same timebad to others.So whatever actions one perform leading a life guided by interests in fleeting pleasures, unmindful of others, unmindful of the whole is sin.Contrary to this,Good deeds are the resultant of actions carried out realizing the owner of action is nature.

This does not mean that we are not responsible, as all actions are done by the nature.Our strength to perform action is part of nature. Qualities of intellect, discernment, value awareness and willpower are all part of nature existing in us.Effective utilization of these qualities is our prime responsibility.If we do not comply these responsibilities, that will be the mistake done towards the nature.In other words, the mistake we make towards another person is in fact the mistake done to the nature.Thus, I need to possess the ability to do the actions perceived divinely.It is the Supreme Lord, who could bless me in this regard.

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