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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-IV

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If it so happens that
Any of these senses such as the eyes
Thoughtlessly goes wrong in its path,
That very moment, please let me
Wisely think of the onesath
Othe Supreme Lord
Residing at theKolathukaraTemple.

("Eee lochanamaadeendriyam ethengilumonningu
Aalochana koodathapadhathin galananjaal
Aalaakkiludan sanmathi thonnikkukenikken

Eee lochanamaadeendriyam=the sense organs-eye, nose, tongue etc.
Eathengilumonningu=anyof these senses
Aalochana koodathe=without distinguishing
Apadhathingalananjaal=movingin wrong path
Aalaakkiludan=in the very moment
Sanmathi=the consciousness of You as the Pure Substance
Thonnikkukenikken=Please bless me to have that discerning powerof thought
Kolathukarakkovililvaazhumparameshan=O theLord, residing at theKolathukaraTemple.

Eee lochanamaadeendriyameathengilumonningu:
It isimportant to be free from laziness, in order to attain transcendental experience.It is a natural process that our sense organs would be leaning towards the respective material pleasures driven by the mind.If theexperience is very fascinating, the mind will tend to continue to pursue those desires.Ifthe experienceis unfavorable, the mind will avoid that and try to transform it to a favorable state of affairs.Thereby, our entire attention will be towards the pleasures induced by such materialistic aspects.

Aalochana koodathe apadhathingalananjaal:
We would be unable to make-out that we are completely driven-away from our consciousness by such material pleasures.Therefore, we are leading our normal life without knowing what is happening in us.Hence, when we are pulled by our senses, it can be confirmed that the senses are going in a wrong path.In order to safeguardthis situation, proper distinguishing power is required.The strength of wisedecision-making and arriving at what is wrong and what is right are the elements needed here. Adequate will-power is to be acquired and such state is called 'Damam'

When the material pleasures dominate our mind, there would beasituation similar to a boat driven away by strong winds in the ocean.There, mind has to be controlled and the process is called 'Shamam'.The person who possess such qualities is termed as 'Santhan'.

In thenext step, all senses need to be directed towards the right path ('Supadham').

AalaakkiludanSanmathi thonnikkuka:

There should be a conditioning process towards the sense organs wherein the life's achievement is focused on attaining that right spiritual path. That objective should lean towards the Bliss on unifying of Self with the Omnipresent Lord.When we discern this, we would be able to realize thePure Substance in You filledin every moment that gives us happiness.During this stage, even when the sensesare driven through the objects of pleasures, they would see those attractions only as yourholy-play. This state is termed as the thought of 'Sanmathi'.

Here, in the context of spiritual customs, two faces are seen. One is about controlling the senses form the sins and evil activities.Second, properly setting our Aim, the senses and mind, thereby transforming to the main interest, which leads our life.That Supreme Aim is none other than You.In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says about 'Mathparan' that is same as'Sanmathi'referred here.

O Lord, I realize that it is not my own ability from the laziness to attain Spiritual Consciousness, but only through your mercy and blessings.

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