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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-III

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Though the one all-underlying substratum
That fills everywhere,
You assume this kind of visible
Form for the sake of adoration,
You, being such, should free me
From indolence by granting me
The boon of transcendental awareness,
Othe Supreme Lord
Residing at theKolathukaraTemple.

("Sarvaashrayamengum nirayunnonapi bhaktharkku
Ivvaroru roopam bhajanathinnu dharippon
Aalasyamozhichapparabodham tharanam mae

Sarvaashrayamengum nirayunnon=underlying basis for everyone and everything that fills everywhere.
Api bhaktharkkuivvaroruroopam=to the devotees,for the sake of adoration, you assume this kind of visible form ofKolatheereswaran
bhajanathinnu dharippon=for meditation, in theKolathukaratemple.
Aalasyamozhichapparabodham tharanam mae=you should free me fromlaziness and grant me the benefit of transcendental awareness.
Kolathukarakkovililvaazhumparameshan=O the Supreme Lord, residing at theKolathukaraTemple.

Sarvaashrayamengum nirayunnon:
O the Supreme Lord, you are theunderlying basis of everything in this universe. But it is not similar to the relationship of a Master and Servant.Ocean and its' waves are created on thebasis of water.All ornaments are formed on the underlying principle of existence of Gold metal.The essence of ocean and its' wave is water.And the essence filled in the ornaments is that of gold.Similarly, the essence or Pure substance filled in this universe is that of Yours, the Supreme Lord.In this manner, you become thebasis of everyone and everything.In other words, you are the invisible Truth embedded inside the visible forms of everything in this cosmic world.

Ivvaroru roopam bhajanathinnu dharippon:
The devoteeswish to worship you.But it is merely impossible to worship in the absence of your tangible form.It is also difficult to perceive the invisible image in you during worshipping. You understood the difficulty of yourdevotees and therefore you gracefully appeared in the form ofLordKolathukara forworshipping.
This is similar to the formless gold appearing in the form of visible ornaments.In Vaishnava devotional system also such similarity exists.Lord Vishnu who resides in Vaikundha would appear/re-incarnate in various deities and temples for the convenience of devotees' worshipping.But yours is termed as holy-play and not re-incarnation.

Apparabodham tharanam mae:
Transcendentalexperience is the one I seek ultimately, which is unification of the Self with the Supreme Truth.In Sree Narayana Guru's 'Darsanamala' composition, the definition ofTranscendentalknowledge is given as follows: It is that knowledge, which cannot be visualized by mind and thought through intelligence, but only instructed by AUM TAT SAT words and experienced through unification of Self with Brahmaor Supreme Truth.AUM TAT SAT means AUM itself.It is thatPure Substance or Essence, which is You, the Lord. Unification ofSelf with Brahmameans, the experience when I am as equal to Brahma.

The Absolute Knowledge is not something to be known as a principle.It should be experienced.It should bethe Existential Truth in our every moment of ourlife. It is a situation in life where I consider myself as a form of God. Moreover, I should see everything in this world as the form of God.Hence, we arrive at a point where the love becomes universal; i.e. to what extent I love myself, to that level I would love others in this world.Similarly, to what extent I do not fear myself, to that extent I do not fear anyone or anything else in this world.This is the real status of 'Parajnani', the Knower of the Absolute.

In the normal life, I do not realize that thePure Substance in You is existing in the form of me and all other living beings.This is because, my life's objective is not found to be the bliss of searching for Truth of Your existence in me.Instead, my interests go for other material beings, which are your manifestations and forms.But I do notperceive you in such forms.My attention goes to the material qualities of beauty, voice, fragrance, softness and taste embedded in such forms, which results in my laziness.Due to this struggle for enjoying the material pleasures, my body and mind are exhausted.Therefore, your blessing is needed to get rid of this laziness. This laziness is termed as 'Avidya' as per Vedanthic literature.

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