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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-II

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He who causes the emergence of the world
From within, within a moment;
He who constantly rules it
Simply by gazing;
He who is amused by such games
Should protect me properly.
O the Supreme Lord
Residing at the Kolathukara Temple.

("Eee lokamashesham kshanamaathrena srijichaar
Aalokana maathrena bharikkunnanuvelam
Eee leelakalaadunnavan andeedanam enne
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum parameshan")
Eee lokamashesham = this entire world
kshanamaathrena srijichaar = the one who created within a moment
Aalokana maathrena = simply by gazing
bharikkunnu anuvelam = He constantly rules the world
Eee leelakalaadunnavan = He who is amused by such games
enne andeedanam = Should protect me properly
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum parameshan = O the Supreme Lord, residing at the Kolathukara Temple.

Kshanamaathrena srijichaar:

Within a moment, this world is created. Here the creation is not a newly introduced entity, but created in various forms from real and pure substance. This is similar to the case of wave created from water in the ocean. This whole world is emerged from the sole Supreme Truth, which is You, the Lord. So to create the world, you do not need any external force. You are capable of that.

Aalokana maathrena:

When the Lord's eyes are closed, this world does not exist. When the eyes are opened, the world is seen or created. The moment between eye opening and closing is called vision. The existence of the nature and its rule is done through your vision and termed as SuperVision. We are not able to realize the secret aim of this nature, which is known only by You. But we all have our own aim as individuals, which may not be matching with your objective. At the same time, there is a common feature i.e. bliss and happiness, seen in everyone, when they are performing an action for an objective. This would be the reason for you to rule this universe.


Constantly occurring at every stage of nature's flow.

Eee leelakalaadunnavan:

World creation, existence and destruction are Lord Siva's play. In order to understand more on this aspect, it is easy to consider the example of children who play at the beaches creating models of tiny houses or other forms and enjoying its beauty and thereafter destroying the same. They do such things for fun, as part of their talent. But Lord Siva's action cannot be treated as just fun. There is a clear Divine thought for every creation and destruction. As a serious play, we prefer to see it as a Divine Dance, in which Lord's momentary changing expressions represent our essence. Therefore, death of people is similar to such expressions, which come and go in your play.

Andeedanam enne:

In reality, I am only a spark of your Divine Dance. When I realize this truth, I will be totally immersed in you and will not be isolated from you at all. Since you are devoid of birth and death, such realization will also pave me to be free from birth and death. That is salvation and supreme protection. We all should obtain such protection from you.

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