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Kolatheeresha Sthavam class-I

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Ten Hymns on the Lord of Kolatheera (Kolatheeresha Sthavam)
Composed in 1893, just after the installation of Shiva Temple at Kolathukara near Trivandrum. This was written at the request of the devotees who had gathered there. Madanaartta is the metre of this Malayalam work.
The underlying principle of idol worship is that, for a devotee, God in the form of an idol appears before him. This is to seek concentration of the devotees’ mind focused on the God. On adoration, the devotee worships by making his or her offerings before God, represented by a photo or an idol. This whole traditional custom comes under Devotional system (Bhakthi Sambrathayam). Sree Narayana Guru has brightly harmonized his philosophy in this poem with installation of the Temple and the same principle is applicable for almost of all his devotional poems.

Translation & explanation of Verse-1
Considerate always to those
Who approach, treating you
As the one on whom even Time depends;
And unfavorable to the unrighteous
Are you, the one of fore-head-eye.
Please protect me properly,
O the Supreme Lord
Residing at the Kolathukara Temple.

(“Kaalaashrayamennay anayunnorkkanukoolan
Phalaakshan adharmishtaril ettam prathikoolan
Paalikkanamenne parichodinnu kulathoor
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum parameshan”):
Kaalaashrayamennay = being aware of the time dependant of one’s own life.
anayunnorkkanukoolan = to those who approaches you
Phalaakshan = you, the one of fore-head-eye always consider their request.
Adharmishtaril = to those who are unrighteous in their deeds
ettam prathikoolan = you are unfavorable
Kolathukarakkovilil vaazhum parameshan = O the Supreme Lord residing at the Kolathukara Temple
Paalikkanam enne innu Parichodu = Please protect me properly

Kaalaashrayamennay anayunnorkkanukoolan:
The elderly people who have fear of death will always have fear in life. But those who think highly on life would be able to realize that death can happen any moment. In both the cases, people do not wish to die and they depend on Parameshwara, who is also the God of Yama, the personification of death. Supreme Truth is that which does not change according to the changes happening in the cosmic world. The same truth exists in the world and all living beings in different forms. In reality, each one of us is that Truth itself. When we perceive this fact as Wisdom, we reach in the state of immortality. Thereby God becomes favorable to us.
Lord Siva has got Wisdom eye on his fore-head. It is the central point of intellect. Here, the vital spot (Marmmam) of Wisdom is considered as eye itself. Applying this principle to every one of us will make the life more meaningful and free from impurities of ignorance, evil customs and thereby we also become Phalaakshan.
Adharmishtaril ettam prathikoolan:
Those who do not strictly follow life’s ethics are called Adharmishtar. They not only disrespect the nature’s system, but also isolate from the mainstream idealistic life. They are always unrighteous in their deeds. This results in their actions being unfavorable to God’s wish. Subsequently during the long course of life, they will feel that not only God is unfavorable to them, but also the entire nature.
Paalikkanam enne parichodu:
It is a request to protect me as well as the entire living beings on earth. As an ordinary person, it is not easy to perceive how well the God is protecting us and the entire world. Sometimes, we feel very sad on certain situations which come as bad-luck, but in Spiritual Reality it would be God’s blessing to bring such circumstances for a future good cause. But we are not able to make-out that reality. When we attain such power, it can be said that we are fully aware of protection shed by God.
Kolathukara kovilil vaazhum parameshan:
Though Kolathukara is the name of the place where the temple is installed, Sree Narayana Guru signifies the beauty of literature of that word. Kolam is termed as body of living beings in the cosmic world. Kara means shore or land of protection. The combined meaning gives “That which protects the living beings in this world to a safer land of peace”. Vaazhum implies not only that resides, but also that rules. O the Supreme Lord Siva, You are the one who rules the numerous bodies in this world and protects us in a safe land of peace by your Divine grace.

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