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Pinda Nandi (Foetal Gratitude) class-VI

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Semen indeed it was, mixed with ovum-blood,
Along with pure sound attaining maturity,
That assumed my form
That lay at a mid-region.
No mother was there,
And no father too.
So raised by you alone, my sole parent,
Is all that I am here today.

(“Rethassu thanneyithu rakthamodum kalarnnu
Naadam thiranduruvathaay naduvil kidannen
Maathaavumillayavideyannu pithaavumillen
Thaathan valarthiyavanaaniveninnu shambho”):

Rethassu thanneyithu rakthamodum kalarnnu = semen and ovum-blood, combined together.
Naadam thirandu = in it knowledge attaining maturity
uruvathaay = becoming a specific form of mine
naduvil kidannen = laid at a mid-region
Maathaavumillayavideyannu pithaavumilla = at that stage, I lived beyond the social relations status including that of mother and father
Thaathan valarthiyavanaaniveninnu shambho = O Lord the Bringer of Happiness and Prosperity, it was you alone, my sole parent, who raised me and that is the reason why I am here today.

It would be relatively complex to precisely define the creation of universe. Though several theories have evolved, there is not a single one acceptable to all. Scientists have been constantly trying with their experiments. The creation of micro-organism such as algae to that of a giant pine tree, or from amoeba to elephant, the process in endless. In this context, it is far beyond praising the causal eternal force of such creation, which is continuous. 

Objective of this verse is to depict the spiritual acceptance of biological side of human birth. Blood refers to the female principle, which is the fundamental existentiality for any new creation. Semen represents that principle which gives a peculiar individuation and character to the developing foetus. This convergence of two different principles results in the process of individual’s creation. 

For the development of sense organs, apart from the growth of material cells, a portion of Supreme Self should be entered inside it. “Nadam Thirandu” signifies this principle. According to this concept, illuminated manifestation of Consciousness and non-illuminated cause embedded inside converges in Naadam. Foetus is not merely a mass. It has got individualistic vital force and Consciousness. During the development phase, there would not be any thoughts on father and mother or any other relatives. At this stage, the foetus remains in pure innocence. Naadam aspect has more theoretical value in Indian spiritual scriptures. During the union of ovum and semen, a specific voice is generated, which is an acceptable theory to the modern medical science. This is similar to the formation of sound energy, when the universe was created. 

Lying in the middle or ‘naduvil kidannen’ refers to be in an impartial role that neither favors the environment nor rejecting it. It also points to the intermediate state between the foetus and the cosmic world. Life’s entirety is contemplated in this state and it is directly attached to my sole parent ‘En Thaathan’, who is the Supreme Lord. Affirmation of thanks is given to the Lord alone, the sole parent, who raised the foetus to a complete human being.

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