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Pinda Nandi (Foetal Gratitude) class-V

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Translation & explanation of Verse-5
For months full four and five,
With eyes constantly on me,
It was you that let me grow,
Ever warding-off death’s hands.
I thus let pass my time
Remaining within the womb.
Recalling it, now I weep,
Listen, O the Bringer of Happiness.

(“Naalanju maasam orupol nayanangal vachu
Kaalante kayyil anayaathe valarthi neeye
Kaalam kazhinju karuvinkalirunnu njaan
Akkaalam ninachu karayunnithu kelkka shambho”):
Naalanju maasam orupol = the total time period of 9 months in which my foetus grew completely.
Nayanangal vachu = set in me all the sense organs with their proper righteousness
Kaalante kayyil anayaathe = protecting me from all kinds of external elements causing destruction.
Valarthi neeye = you cared me during my growth.
Kaalam kazhinju = that has become an event and memory of the past
karuvinkalirunnu njaan = I was only in the form of tiny foetus during that period
Akkaalam ninachu karayunnithu = I feel crying, when I think about such past memories.
Ithu kelkka shambho = Please listen, O Lord the Bringer of Happiness and Prosperity.

Life would be miserable if the sense organs are not developed in proper during the foetus stage. Such memories are not coming in my mind now. However, when I visualize such feeble situations today, I cannot express merely in words the gratitude of Supreme Lord’s grace showered on the complete growth of foetus. It is that same vital force existed during the foetus stage stays in me even today. Such gratitude simply transforms into tears.

The complete development of a foetus merely from a mass state to an integrated form of senses and conscious mind involve several month long processes. During this period, the foetus receives directional control to meet the life’s fulfillment on wisdom path and which would be free from ignorance. This can be seen in the case of a tree, right from its stage of a seed that exposes its’ growth towards earth as well as the growth towards Sun. Inside the seed, there exist behavioral qualities to grow in the form of incipient memory. When the seed starts bursting to grow, all its’ inner-refining actions are properly controlled without any signs of destruction of its species. No interference of external forces affects this process. The grace for protecting the foetus from external forces and supporting the inner life development with proper strength is the underlying principle here.

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