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Pinda Nandi (Foetal Gratitude) class-IV

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No kinsmen, no strength, no wealth,
Was there – how could this
Ever grow up then, O picturesque Marvel!
All this is my Master’s sporting –
Knowing this is not superstitious.
That I may have this perspective
Do grant your Grace,
O the Bringer of Happiness.

(“Bandhukkalilla balavum dhanavum ninakkil
Enthonnu kondithu valarnnathaho vichithram
En thampuraante kaliyokke ithennarinjaal
Anthathvamillathinu nee aruleedu shambho”):

Ninakkil bandhukkalilla balavum dhanavum = when we think about foetal state, it can be observed that no one including relatives, own strength or wealth was present there to protect.
Enthonnu kondithu valarnnathu= by whose assistance did I grow to form a complete infant?
Aho vichithram = the truth behind this is a big reverence and marvelous
En thampuraante kaliyokke ithu = in this manner, all nature’s activities happening in this cosmic world beyond all forces can be due to my Master’s sporting, knowing this is not superstitious.
ennarinjaal = in this manner when I realize the Truth
Andhathwam illa = there will not be ignorance
Aruleedu shambho = bless me O Lord Siva to achieve Self Realization.

Supreme Lord’s grace showered on the complete growth of foetus was pointed out in verse-3. During this growth process, role of father, mother and the required hygienic food obtained from mother occur secondary. The current verse clarifies vital factors required for the life and at the same time how it is seen as a sport of Supreme Lord. In a normal case, the strength of relationships, parents as well as the wealth are seen as the most powerful aspects for the happiness of any individual. Prior to birth, these factors cannot do anything for the child. In that stage, it is an invisible and immeasurable causal substance that pervades throughout the growth cycle. Apparently after birth, the child’s growth is dependent on this causal substance. Even though the relatives, wealth and strength help the growth of any individual, it can only contribute to harmonize the individual into life’s regulating system for socio-cultural and economical balancing. The truth behind this principle is quite marvelous and when the person realizes this, the illusion ignorance will fade away. 

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