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Pinda Nandi (Foetal Gratitude) class-III

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Translation & explanation of Verse-3

It is not only mere micro-organisms,
Confined to rocks that do proclaim,
The greatness of your Grace,
The chief god that resides
Within the lotus (Brahma), and all else
Do grow out from within this (Grace).

(“Kallinnakathu kudivaazhumoralpa janthu
Onnalla ninte krupayinnariyichidunnu
Allikkudathilamarunna amarendranum
Mattellaarum ingithilrunnu valarnnidunnu ”):

Kallinnakathu kudivaazhum = that which resides behind the rock 
Alpa janthu = micro-organism
Onnalla ninte Krupa = Greatness of Your Grace
Innariyichidunnu = proclaim
Allikkudam = lotus flower
Amarunna = resides
Amarendran = the chief god
Mattellaarum = all living beings
valarnnidunnu = the growing process.

This verse is a stage-wise expansion of verse-2. Supreme Lord’s grace spread to lowest micro-organisms, which are seen behind the static rocks or in the tree locks and reaches up to the chief of god who finds residing place in lotus. Every living being has a unique body structure suitable for its living created by the Supreme Lord and the care on every creature is very important. The survival on earth is only possible through the Greatness of Lord’s Grace. In Sree Narayana Guru’s another hymn ‘Shanmugha Sthothram’, similar message can be seen: “For all this came forth, from that Grace alone”.

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