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Pinda Nandi (Foetal Gratitude) class-I

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The Guru praises Siva as the one who protects the embryo while it remains helpless in the darkness of the mother’s womb. This is a unique but realistic concept of the protective role of God. Normally, poetic hymns would be written with eulogy and requests. This composition highlighting the gratitude is something which is very rarely seen. In the current era, gratitude is getting drained-off from the minds of human beings due to selfishness. Thus Pinda Nandi qualifies to a special and very significant place in the field of spiritual devotion. Every creation in this universe starts life of foetal phase, and is graced by the Supreme Lord. Search for Supreme Truth is the peculiarity of man, compared to other living beings. The process should start from the point where we came-in. Pinda Nandi takes us to examine and recognize these aspects, bow down to the feet of the Lord, who protected us throughout.

Translation & explanation of Verse-1
O the Abode of Glorious Qualities
Who else but you, the kind one,
Did nourish into life
With exceedingly careful love
The entire foetus of this humble self, when in womb!
Everything happens as ordained by you -
Knowing thus, this servant of yours
Surrenders everything up to you,
O the Bringer of Happiness!

(“Garbhathil vachu Bhagavaan adiyante pindam
Epperumanpodu valartha krupaaluvalli
Kalpicha pole varumennu ninachu kandittu
Arpichadiyenokkeyumangu shambho ”):

Garbhathil vachu adiyante pindam = When I was a foetus living in mother’s womb
Bhagavaan - epperumanpodu valartha krupaaluvalli = Lord Siva protected me and gracefully nurtured my growth.
Kalpicha pole varumennu ninachu kandittu = it is seen that everything occurs on Lord’s willing

Arpichadiyenokkeyumangu shambho = realizing this, everything I surrender to you Lord Siva.

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