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A Nine-Gemmed Bouquet to the Mother (Janani Navarathna Manjari) - Class IX

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Translation & explanation of Verse-9
Earth and other elements
Having no being of their own;
They merely are semblance
All these are the apparent
Manifestation of one Consciousness.
Their being in this world
Is conferred by you alone!

(“Bhoovathi bhootham athinaavasamilla verum
Aabhasamam itharivinnu
Aabha visheshamathinaavasamingulakil
Aapaathitham bhavathiyal”)

O Mother, the reason for my search of truth is due to the perception that this universe exists, but at the same time, not able to be defined. Thus when I examined at a micro-level, I realized that you are the only Truth that exists and there is nothing else that has got state of being of its own. It is generally stated that the entire universe that includes me are created by means of five material elements. But there is no state of being of its own for these five elements. My own state of being is only a reflection of yours and it is the same case for this universe. The feeling of existence of this universe as well as existence of mine as an individual is because of your truthful state of existence, delivered to individual state of being. You being the Supreme Knowledge is Light of Wisdom. Light when not illuminated does not exist as light. Similarly the knowledge without understanding or knowing does not exist as knowledge. In the process of knowing, the forms and names assigned to everything in this universe and to myself that eventually eliminate, do comes in that knowledge and these are manifestation of one consciousness. Everything is the same knowledge keeping luminous in different kinds. That which gives state of existence to all beings is you, the truthful state of existence.
(Bhoovathi=Earth, air, space etc. constituting five elements, Aavasam Illa=No existence by own, Verum Aabhasamam=only a reflection, Aabha vishesham= manifestation of one consciousness, Ulakil=in this world, Aapathitham=in the entirety)

Senses and the like
Fail to make your beingness
The object of their perception.
Your eternal residence is
The one all-inclusive space.
Who is there to know
Its Greatness, O Mother!
I find myself helpless
In praising It, alas!

(“Naavadi than vishayithaavasamatta
Bhavadaavasam aake vilasum
Dyovaanathinte mahimaavararinju
Janani vazhthuvaanumaruthe”)

How do we understand you, O Mother, the truthful state of being? Our five sense organs and inner organs such as mind, intellect, memory etc. are the medium to know you. At the same time, those medium are your Bliss. Then a question arises: how do you become subject matter to the aforesaid medium? Thus all such sense organs and inner organs would fail to realize your beingness, without knowing you. This situation is indicated in Upanishads stories where ‘Devas’ (Inhabitants of Vedic heaven) trying to understand you, were unsuccessful in their task and returned back.

This universe appears to exist and I am a part of it. It is here in this world I think and say about you. These words are made to praise you. But you are luminous as these words and thoughts. Then it is impossible to say in words about your real nature and truthful existence. Thus words become silent by it. In that silence, only your blissful echo can be heard.

You being the Absolute and Supreme Truth cannot be merely physically located anywhere. Because everything exists in you. You are the all inclusive Supreme Space that facilitates everything to exist in this universe. You are the all pervading Supreme Bliss and Light as well as Divine Sky of Knowledge.

O Mother, I am not capable to praise such Greatness of your power and Supreme Knowledge. Such helpless situation makes me to keep ever-silent.

(Naavadi than= five sense organs and inner organs, Vishayithaavasamatta=No importance for the subject, Bhavad aavasam=your location, Aake vilsum dyovanu=ever luminous Divine Sky of Knowledge, Mahimavu=Greatness, Vaazhthuvanum=in praising)

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