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A Nine-Gemmed Bouquet to the Mother (Janani Navarathna Manjari) - Class VIII

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Translation & explanation of Verse-8

You do endure as Sath
And as Chith also above it,
And both together forming Ananda,
And also as the mind
That is aware of the three.
You remain even as
The causal seed of all these,
As space and air you remain,
Also as the eye and other senses
(“Sathaayi ninnupari chithaayi randum
Oru muthaayi moonumariyum
Hruthaayi ninnathinu vithaayi vinnodu
Maruthaayi drishti muthalai”)

O Mother, you are the combined form of existent Reality, Light of Wisdom and Value Sense. For the existence of a gold ornament, there has to be the cause, which is ‘gold’. This is called ‘Upaadana kaaranam’ or Cause of everything. This entire universe that includes me must have a similar prime cause. That is you. That is how you becoming the existence. ‘Sathu’ of causal existence means- that which exist without any limitation of time and space, i.e. existent Reality. That is nothing other than you, the Supreme Wisdom form.

When you are seen as Causal Existence, it is thought that you are placed as the base of everything situated in the extreme bottom. But you do not remain merely as pure existence. Always manifestation aspects would occur in you. There are well defined systems in nature to originate which aspect of manifestation to occur when. Since you are Supreme Knowledge and self unfolded, this is not a problem to you. It is Supreme Knowledge that brings proper system to everything and gives internal instructions according to such manifestation aspects. Therefore, I visualize ‘Chithu’ the Light of Wisdom standing above ‘Sathu’ the Causal Existence.

Merely the only existent Reality when self-enlightened by Light of Wisdom will be experienced in Value Sense. When an artist makes his creation with the aid of his mental perception of self-state of being, he experiences bliss of self-expression. O Mother, the Value Sense in your expression is the same bliss delivered through your creations of the existent Reality in manifested expansive forms of sportive Knowledge. In fact, your divine form is your Value Sense. And that is manifested in this world. Such Value Sense is like a pearl which attracts everyone and that is located above the Light of Wisdom.

Thus we get a picture where the existent Reality lies at extreme base, Light of Wisdom in the middle and the Value Sense at the top. It is a situation where the existent Reality, Light of Wisdom and the Value sense remaining in a vertical straight line representing a single principle of bliss staying firm in one’s self and rising above.

That knowledge which is experienced as the integration of the existent Reality, Light of Wisdom and the Value Sense can be thought as heart of Bliss. You being the existent Reality, Light of Wisdom and the Value Sense are also the heart of Bliss.

Eventhough ‘Sachidananda’ and the perceiving core of wisdom are separately stated, they do not exist separately. Because they exist only as you. But while stating your strength, these factors have to be illustrated separately. This means the narration on Supreme Truth can be made only after presenting it as Subjective Truth. This demerit is called ‘Avidya’. In terms of your strength, it is also called ‘Maya’ or ‘Illusion’. Thus you are the cause of all disintegrated subjective and conditional knowledge of ‘Avidya’.

Due to your role of Maya, it is not only the above division exists, but also resulted in various forms and different quality nature. Thus five material elements and their composite nature are manifested to be perceived. These manifestations are nothing but you.

The universal phenomenon’s appearance is experienced in direct visibility of objects. Such direct vision experience is through the process of vision and other sense organs. You are those sense organs, which are illuminated (animated).

(Sathu=the only existent Reality, Upari=over, Chithu=Bliss, being Light of Wisdom, Muthu= Anandam, the value sense, Sachidananda = combined of existent Reality, knowledge and bliss, Moonnum ariyum=realizing Sathu, Chithu and Anandam, Hruthu=heart, Vithu=seed, Vinnu=space, Maruthu=air representing five elements, Drushti=vision process)

And as all these food-like
Expansive objects as well.
As even the eater of food
You do manifest yourself.
O Mother, so great as to be
Unattainable even to
Unworldly psychic attainments!
(“Kothaayidum vishaya visthaaramannam
Athinathaavumaayi vilasum
Sidhaanuboothiyilum ethaatheyaamathi
Mahathaayidum Janani nee”)

This universe widely exists without an end and is perceivable to five sense organs in the worldly form of sound, touching sense, visible form, and tasting sense and smelling. You are such object of the senses.

We are experiencing all material desires. Therefore they all are said to be a kind of food. When the food comes from your source, the consumer of food is also you. Thus you become the Truth of knowledge by integrating the food and the consumer resulting in experiencing the Value Sense.

Such is your divine sportive play, which is peculiar in making shine. These words are only for the sake of clarity and your real divine play is unable to express.

Such greatness of yours cannot be expressed merely by words. Such status can be experienced only by divine persons of Seers. Such picture can be limited in Seer’s words. Therefore, the greatness becomes unreal when conveyed through words experienced by Seers. It can only be said that it is not attainable even to the Seer’s experience. Thus your motherhood is a wondering greatness indeed.

(Annam =food, Athaavu=on who eats, Vilasum=sportive play, Sidhaanubhoothi=experience of Seer, Athimahathu=greatness)

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