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A Nine-Gemmed Bouquet to the Mother (Janani Navarathna Manjari) - Class V

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Translation & explanation of Verse-5
You, O Mother, remain concealed
In prime Consciousness, the root-cause,
And from the free expression
Of your sportive dance
Of romantic mood
Come forth water, air and fire
And their innumerable blendings
That constitutes the world.
All these have being only
As words finding expression.

(“Melaaya moolamathil aalaavrutham Janani
Nee laasyamaadi vidumee
Keelala vaayvanala kolaahalam bhuvanam
Aalapamaathram akhilam

The entire existence and functioning of this cosmic world is resultant of your action. In other words, manifestation of your concepts. When I realize that prime cause, only your action would be visible and the material world would become insignificant. When I experience your power, the universe would be invisible. It is similar to a situation where the vision of a tree gets vanished when we see forest. (Melaaya moolam=the prime and basic cause, Aavrutham=veiling).

You are the Mother of all living beings. You bring out everything through your divine sportive dance. In this context, it reminds us the Thandava dance of Lord Siva. When you dance with a perfect rhythm, numerous soul-stirrings are brought out to the cosmic world. (Laasyam=ideal way of acting and expressing freely, Aadividum=bring out).

This universe covering the material world is formed from such soul-stirring brightness. This is constituted by the five elements namely water, air, fire, earth and space. (Keelala=water, Vaayu=air, Anala=fire, Kolaahalam=the mixtures of various elements, Bhuvanam=universe)

Therefore, all that exists in this universe have the being merely as words finding expression. Those who realized your secret of strength and merged in that Supreme Knowledge would not be concerned about the existence or non-existence of this world. Even if he thinks to convey that truth to someone else, he can do so merely by words. During that process, the concept of cosmic world, its’ status of existence and non-existence and the reasons need to be expressed. In short, the existence is signified only in such communicative world. (Aalapam=words, Akhilam=universe)

A fancy vest made of
The delicate fabric woven
Out of time and the like
Envelops your real form,
And for this reason
None do know the real you,
O Mother, whose abode marks
The end of all the Vedas.

(“Kaaladiyaya mrudu noolale neyyum oru
Leelapadam bhavathi meyy
Melaake moodum athinal aarumullathariveela
Aagamaanda Nilaye”)
You perform the dance by wearing the dress meant for ideal dancing. The fancy vest of costume for dancing is of specially made of delicate fabric thread, which is considered as time, space (place) and the like. It is a common error that people try to find the secret of Supreme Truth with the aid of logical reasoning with respect to information on time and place. Thus whenever it brings out certain conditions while searching the Truth, then there would be the color of such condition in the knowledge we gain. This is similar to a situation when we look at a white colored object through yellow glass, the object will appear in yellow only. But there will not be any effect on the actual object. It will only affect the vision of the viewer. So the people who try to find the secret of your divine dancing with the aid of time, space and the like will not be viewing your real form, but conditioned unreal form. In fact, such conditions veil your true form. Therefore those who try to attain with the aid of conditions (i.e. conditional knowledge), they cannot view or realize your true form of Unconditional Knowledge. It is similar to a situation where the vision of a forest gets vanished when we see individual tree in it. (Kalaadiyaya=time, space etc., Mrudu noolale=delicate fabric thread, Leelapadam=costume for dancing, Melaka moodum=dressed over the body).
This aspect narrates the problem of ignorant people who pretend to be Truth seekers. Here, when there are conditions set on the search for truth and while the realization approaches, the cosmic world vanishes. And on the other hand, when the cosmic world is realized, the Supreme Truth is covered-up. Therefore, this kind of dual approach on Self-realization prevents one to realize the Ultimate Truth as unified one. This is a common dilemma faced by us. (Ullatharivu=Non-duality of Supreme Truth).

The only solution to this problem is to understand the secret embedded in the Upanishads. The essence and secret of the Upanishads dwell in You, O Supreme Mother. Upanishads are also termed as Vedanta or Finality of Wisdom. Vedanta means that which comes at the end of Vedas. Supreme Knowledge always comes at the end of search for Truth. Since you dwell and remain in that Finality of Wisdom, your blessings towards me would allow me to attain that ultimate point of Supreme Truth. (Aagamam=Vedas, Antham=the end, Nilaye=that which dwells)

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