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A Nine-Gemmed Bouquet to the Mother (Janani Navarathna Manjari) - Class IV

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Translation & explanation of Verse-4
Properly thought of, waves
Turn out to be water;
Snake is really rope;
And pot is really clay;
Likewise is the world;
Not properly understood,
Everything seems to be real;
(“Aarayukil Thirakal Neerayidunnu
Phani Naarayidunnu Kudavum Paarayidunnu
Athinu neraayidunnu ulakam
Oraykil undu akhilavum”):
O Supreme Mother, there is no limit to the waves forming in the sea surface. Each wave has its own form, strength and uniqueness. But the underlying Truth existing in every wave is the same, and that is water. So the waves are different forms of water. Before the wave was formed, it was water. When it existed as wave, it contained water. When the wave was dissolved, it remained back as water. Therefore, the wave can be said to be a temporary phenomenon and a form created on the non-decaying water. This principle can be understood only when one searches the Truth lying in the names and forms seen in the outside world. It is exactly similar to this cosmic world. The infinite number of living beings, its forms and names existing in this material world has one Absolute Truth. That Truth is you and it is eternal and ever existing one. We the living beings are temporary phenomenon of waves coming from you. (Aarayukil=by thoughts, Thirakal=waves, Neeru=water).

The analogy of snake and rope is a common term used in Vedanta studies. In a pale light, the presence of rope can be thought as a snake causing fear. When proper light is brought in the room, it will be understood as mere rope. This is not a simple event. There is a phenomenon of figuring out a non-existing snake in the existing rope. The reason for such illusion is rather debatable. However according to vedantic terms, it is concluded that non-existing snake has been super imposed on the existing rope in the pale light. When the proper light came into the spot, the super-imposed snake was ignored. In other words, Truth comes out when we ignore the super-imposed things.
This is the case of cosmic world. O Mother, the numerous names and forms of living beings are super-imposed in you, the Absolute Truth. When I realize that these names and froms are to be ignored, I would attain the Truth. (Phani=snake, Naaru=rope).

Unification of effect and cause is embedded in the analogy of pot and earth. To make a pot, there should be earth or any similar thing. The pot is made out of earth. Here, earth is ‘cause’ and pot is ‘effect’. Earth is impossible to be destroyed. But pot can be destroyed. So it is earth that exists in the form of pot. Therefore it is ‘cause’ itself existing in the form of ‘effect’. It can be concluded that it is ‘cause’, the only truth. The ‘effect’ by itself is not truth. (Kudam=pot, Paaru=earth).
The same principle is applied to this cosmic world. O Mother, you are the only Truth and prime cause. We all are the earthen pots coming from you, the earth. Therefore, we as well as this material world do not exist without you. There are several examples and analogies given in Upanishads and Bhagavat Gita to understand your ultimate form. In such analogies and scriptures, it is concluded that it is you, the eternal sole existence, whereas this cosmic world is unreal. At the same time, it is not possible to realize you with these examples. The examples will give only fundamental concepts for those who initiate to understand you. It would assist to visualize the required theme and then contemplate on the study. Thereafter your divine supreme form will be known better. However, these examples should not be unduly extended to its depth. It will end-up in misleading the substance of the study. (Nerayidunnu=becoming real, Ulakam=cosmic world).
If we do not attempt to search for Supreme Truth, then the cosmic world will be thought as Truth. This situation is similar to the analogy of like waves being considered as Truth, instead of water; pot being considered as truth instead of earth; snake being considered as truth instead of rope. Thus the material world be considered as truth, instead of you. This is the reason for all problems and sadness. The solution for all such problems can be found, when we attempt to search for truth. (Oraykil=until the truth is realized, Akhilavum undu= the feeling of existence of material world).

At your sacred feet,
The root cause of everything,
I wish to offer worships
Bestow on me this boon
(“Veraaya nin kazhalil araadhanam tharanam
Aaraal ithinnu oru varam“)
You are the prime cause of everything. You exist in me as well. My power for search for Truth is none other than you. Therefore I need your blessings and I wish to worship your divine feet. I even consider me as a (pooja) flower to offer and surrender to your feet, so that I would be closer to you. (Aaraal=near, Veru=the prime cause, Nin kazhalil=at your feet, Oru varam=a blessing)

And come straightaway to me,
No other refuge do I have,
O Mother of the Royal Yoga-Path!
(“Neraayi vannituka
Veraarumilla gathi
Hea Rajayogajanani”)
With your blessings, I am able to reach closer to you while worshipping. At the same time, you come closer to me. This process of coming closer from either sides or bi-directional is called Raja Yoga secret. This is exactly what I am asking from you.
Upon attaining the Supreme Truth, the state is said to be free from dialectics and there experience the unifying point. That ultimate point represents supreme unity. You are the cause for attaining that Spiritual Union.
I have no objective in life other than unifying with you. This is because, you are the only factor that gives meaning in life. You are the sole path to attain that Supreme status. You are that knowledge which assists for the search. Therefore you are the life’s ultimate goal and path. (Neraayi vannituka=come straightaway to me, Veraarumilla gathi=there is no other saviour, Raja Yoga=Point of Royal and Spiritual oneness)
A devotee of Lord Subramanya once said to Narayana Guru “ Swami, am a devotee of Lord Subramanya and whatever I prayed to him he grants the opposite of my wish. Swami please suggest a solution for this problem”. Guru confirmed with the sadhu that the opposite of whatever he prayed would happen; and said, “Then the solution is very clear, pray opposite of whatever you wish. For eg. if you want money pray to your Lord not to grand money.” From the book Sree Narayana Guru Vaikhari Dr.T. Bhaskaran

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