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A Nine-Gemmed Bouquet to the Mother (Janani Navarathna Manjari)Class III

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Translation & explanation of Verse-3
Knowledge that comes
But to go again,
Arose in times of yore,
And following it occurred
The swaying of body and mind,

(“Undaayi maarum arivundaayi munnam ithu
Kandaadum angam akavum”):
O Supreme Mother, you are the Prime Knowledge and Cause for all living beings and your manifestation is created to various forms of three different aspects called ‘Thriputi’. The knowledge coming from you in such forms is clear to perceive in the cosmic world. But you are unclear to us. It is like gold and an ornament made out of gold. Ornament is clear to identify in its form, but no one knows the origin of gold. While the ornaments can be made and its’ forms can be changed, the gold that is truth can neither be created nor destroyed. Whatever the changes take place in the forms of ornaments, the gold remains as it is. Similarly whatever and whoever come into this universe and go back, your invisible presence exists in them as Supreme Truth. (Undaayi maarum arivu=knowledge that comes and go again, Munnam=the prime).

Creation, Existence and Dissolution are the basic states of any living being. Individuals experience the events occurring in the outside world as natural. Specific interests on each object seen by the individual regularly come and compel him or her to acquire such desires. On the other hand, the individual’s dislikes get ignored. The decisions are influenced by the objects and the kind of people he or she interacts with. The happiness coming from these will go in a fraction of a second. Then the individual seeks other sources to find comforts. This is the average nature of a person living in this cosmic world, causing excessive mental pressure and body strain. (Angam=body, Akam=mind).

And accordingly
It became darkened
In a thousand ways;
And again they roll back
To their own source-Reality,
Finally to become reabsorbed
In that Great Unknown!

(“Kondu aayiram tharamirundu
Aashayam prathi churundu aamahassil marayum”):
In the search of material comforts in this world, quite often I cannot make out what is happening to me. I am distancing from you due to the fact that I am not able to understand your absolute presence in me. Whenever there is a desire to acquire material benefits as large as thousand ways, it ends up in darkness veiling your existence in me. Such darkness gradually increases and later-on my entire life becomes total darkness. Then only I think about the meaning of your presence. But that would be too late to recover the damages and correct the mistakes to lead an ideal life. (Aayiram tharam=apparent forms in thousand ways, Irundu=darkness).
In reality, I live as Supreme Truth, since I am originated from that. Whenever I possess new ideas and experience resulting in my individual personification, those belong to you the Prime Cause. The personification will ultimately find the end in you, the Supreme Knowledge. That Knowledge is the basis of every form and creation. The person who realizes the Supreme Truth and the person, who does not, ultimately merge in to you after the life on earth. But there would be significant differences in the way of life led by both kinds of person. The advantage of the person who realizes the Supreme Truth is that, every moment in his life becomes meaningful. Whereas the person who does not realizes the Supreme Truth would find the life worthless, even though the Supreme Truth is filled in him. Hence the life-span coming in the middle of Prime Cause and the End point can be said to be lying in the Supreme Truth. (Aashayam prathi churundu = personifications roll back to the source, Mahassil = in the Supreme Knowledge or Truth, Marayum=disappears).

Even on perceiving philosophically
The real wisdom dawns not;
The really enlightened is a bee
Fallen into the lotus-core
Relishing therein the nectar
Of the unbroken experience
Of boundless Bliss Supreme!

(“Kandalumee nilayilundakhayillarivu
Thandaaril veenu madhuvundaramikkumoru
Vandaanu soori sukrithi”):
The Creation, Existence and Dissolution can be academically understood in philosophical terms. But the ideal life cannot be achieved or said to be experienced merely by observing scientific aspects or logical reasoning. For instance, most of the scholars who preach and teach the philosophy of life and Vedic scriptures might not experience the bliss in their life. Even though they understand mystery of life and death theoretically, they cannot withstand their sensitive emotions when their dearest relatives and family members die. In their professional career too, they would be in a gamut of aggressiveness and behind job-promotions and hence they are not considered as direct experiencers of enlightenment. The attainment of Supreme Truth or unbroken Spiritual enlightenment is that state when one experiences the oneness with the Absolute. (Akhanda anubhoothiyilezhum=experiencing unbroken and boundless bliss Supreme)
O Mother, the truly experienced state of realizing the Supreme Truth cannot be expressed in words. That can be compared to the case of a bee that gently falls into the honey-filled core of a lotus and with its gentle murmur remains for ever in the ecstasy of blissfulness. The bee first tastes the honey in the lotus and blissfully goes into deep core of the lotus. There would be only a soothing murmuring sound of the bee while enjoying the thirst disregarding any turbulence of the outside world. This resembles to a person who attains Supreme Knowledge, surpassing all distractions in the material world and always merged with the oneness of the Absolute. Such people would be living in this world normally as others do. Happiness and sorrow come to them; but they see such things perfectly balanced and as your multi-faces of Ananda. Not only they do not make mistakes to understand the worldly aspects, but also lead ideal life of righteousness. (Thandaril=inside the lotus core, Madhu=honey, Vandu=bee)
Such persons who attain Supreme Truth of the Absolute are called Great Self-luminaries (Soori sukrithi). Their life will be the true reflection of Supreme Knowledge. Their actions would be of natural process ideally suited for wise life and free from ego. This is the state that I desire. When would I attain that?

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