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A Nine-Gemmed Bouquet to the Mother (Janani Navarathna Manjari)- Class II

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Translation & explanation of Verse-2
This variegated up-surging display
Caused by the non-existent Maya,
In beingness is no other
Than Consciousness pure.
Air, rocks, seas, fire
And the void too
Are all but prime Consciousness alone.

(“Illatha mayayidum ullasam onnum arivallatheyilla anilanum
kallazhiyum kanalumallathe soonyamathum ellaam oraadiyarivam”):
All that emerges and appears owing to the non-existent Maya, has no being other than that of Supreme Truth. Whether it is air, earth, ocean, fire, space-empty, as well as their particular form and nature, all these belongs to that unified Consciousness self-unfolded. The Supreme Truth is the only existent reality. Then the question arises: what about this material world and all of us who feel and experience it? It is because of Maya, we perceive this material world as Truth. But where does this Maya exist? Maya can be termed as a potent-force embedded in the Supreme Truth, similar to ‘heat’ existing in ‘fire’. As a result, that Maya brings out the invisible truth to perceivable objects of variegated forms. So Maya can be termed as Illusion.
Its effortless simplicity
If given expression to,
All the Vedic rituals
Turn out to be nothing;
No more rival positions
Then makes the mind confused.
(“Thallaghavam parakil Illa aaranam kriyakal mallaadukilla mathi ”):
Thallaghavam = that easily known; Aaranam = the portion in Vedas, which instruct about rites and actions of symbolic significance.
The rituals that people practices are meant to obtain blessings from various ‘Devas’ in order to achieve short-lived material benefits. Such people are those who do not search to attain Supreme Truth. When we lead the ideal life and practice in search of Truth and attain the simplicity of that Supreme Knowledge, then the relevant Vedic rituals become valueless. The searching mind will not be confused any more. This resembles to the person behaving in his life without being shaken from his dedication in wisdom.
Gaining that state of beingness
Alone would suffice for me.
O Mother of the blemishless awareness,
Easy to gain and exalting at once,
That everyone always seeks!
(“Eee sallabham onnumathiyellavarum thirayum ullakha bodha Janani”):
Eee Sallabham onnu mathi= the sole benefit of attaining this ‘Sathu’ the only existent Reality.
Ellavarum thirayum=Seekers of Supreme Truth, whose goal is to attain you.
Ullakha bodha Janani = O Mother of graceful knowledge
The gaining of this one existent Reality (Sathu), the One everyone is in search of, alone is what I pray for. O the easily-accessible, self-emanating Consciousness Mother.
To attain this status, it is essential primarily to give up the awkwardness of a selfish personality. True generosity will come to you only by identifying yourself with every person whom you choose to associate with. Your interest should be identical with all others whom you interact. Apart from the personal differences and your uniqueness, there is a humanitarian core of your Self which is identical with the Self of all. You should be able to step aside from your vested interest and should place yourself in the exact centre where the Self of all comes and converges in the common interest of mankind. It is from there that you should operate.

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