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Daivadasakam- Class-4

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Completely filling both within and without
Is the state of your grandeur
We hail you, O lord
Victory to you, our God.

(Completely filling both as the seer inside and the seen outside are the state of your grandeur. We hail you lord! Victory is yours.)

The world of knowledge and the world of the known are referred to here as inside and outside. They are but the two facets of the same truth.

The word most widely used to addresses God at the height of devotion is Bhagvan (Lord). It denotes the embodiment and perfection of all the highest qualities- Wisdom, Power, Controlling Power, Strength, Vitality and Brightness. The main objective of the devotee is to attain perfection in these paramount virtues(qualities). Here, these virtues are not transmitted to us from God. God alone is true. Since we remain in the perfection of God, the question of transfusion does not arise. God alone should win. It will mark the victory of all of us. It is in this way the kingdom of God comes to the earth.

Success be yours, O Great Lord Divine,
Ever intent on saving those in misery,
Success be yours, O the one
Consciousness and Value-experience in essence
O the ocean of mercy,
Success be yours!

(Victory to you, O Great Lord Divine, You are ever immersed in redeeming the poor and destitute. The embodiment of bliss and consciousness! Victory to you, O the ocean of mercy)

O Great God, who shines and at the same time, illumines everything else, Victory to you! The victory of such a one as you is the victory of all of us. None of us are alien to you.

Bhagavat Geetha says: Those who struggle under the agony of disease, those who long for wealth and wisdom, and those who have acquired wisdom, pray to God. But Daiva Dasakam poem is the prayer of a seeker of truth. Here the prayer is not pleading to get relief from illness or to gain more wealth. Instead, this prayer could be treated as that of a seeker.

Life felt to be full of miseries only when one lives ignorant of the real meaning of life. On knowing that meaning, one realizes that what was till then thought of as miserable is merely the Maya of God finding expression. The ultimate salvation from all those miseries is felt when one acquires wisdom, the only favour prayed here for. God thus wisdom itself in essence, is the one who ultimately saves us from all miseries of life.

The image of God is truth, wisdom, and bliss. You are yourself both bliss and the giver of bliss. Victory to you the embodiment of such immaculate bliss. God is the ocean of mercy. It is only when we look through the eyes of our selfish interests at the misery, each of us is destined by fate to suffer it appears to be God’s cruelty. But when we look by the eyes of the one consciousness that systemizes the existence of the total nature through flawless techniques of creation, sustenance, and destruction, we realize that it is the mercy of God itself in the form of cruelty to some of us at times.

If we understand the truth that our life abounds in the infinite mercy which is God, we will certainly conduct ourselves with becoming compassion in our dealings with our fellowmen.

In the deep ocean of your Glory
Let us all become immersed
There to dwell, dwell forever
In Felicity Supreme!

(O God, kindly let us be immersed in the ocean of your brightness and get absorbed in you to be one with you. May you grant us the joy of this union forever and ever!)

This prayer begins with a pleading to God to come in a steamship and save us who are caught up in the perilous ocean of worldly life. But as it ends the prayer is for all of us to become immersed in the ocean of God’s Glory and to live one with it in eternal happiness. Then salvation ceases to be a journey to reach somewhere else. Whichever is the quintessence present here as well as there, is manifested in me and in us. Deliverance or salvation lies in the true awareness of this abiding reality. It is the ecstatic experience of getting immersed in an endless ocean stretching far and wide. And like dew drop disappears in to the waters of a lake and becomes part of it.

Salvation is not a mere principle. It is an experience. Mere knowledge of principles does not bring bliss. Knowledge becomes truth only when it is felt as an ecstasy. This experience is an event in consciousness (chith) which is really the essential content (sath) of the supplicants’ own being as well as of God’s being. ‘Sachidananda’, therefore, is considered the defining content-factors of both oneself and of God. To experience oneself as this ‘sachidananda’ in essence is what final liberation means. The attainment of this liberation is the goal prayed for, makes ‘Daivadasakam,’ ideal and a Universal Prayer.

AUM Santhi, Santhi, Santhi



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From the book "Sree Narayana Guru Vaikhari".
Written by Dr. T. Bhaskaran.

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