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Kundalini Paattu class-21

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All that exists, strung together,
Has being only as accords with
The being of the red lotus (feet);
In accordance with It, dance, cobra, dance!

(“Chernnu nilkkumborulellam chenthaarodu
Nernnu pommaru ninnaadu paambe”):

Chernnu nilkkumborulellam = All beings keeping together with one another and ensuring the existence of mutual bodies in a unified system.
Chenthaarodu = Lord Siva’s foot, which is as beautiful as red flower. Nernnu pommaru = existing in matching.
Aadu paambe= O Mind, you should understand this and keep dancing.


A harmonized picture of realized Soul that is deeply attached to the footsteps of Supreme Lord can be seen here. The Unified Truth is always in an inseparable mode for maintaining the equilibrium of this universe. In a total life system, every single entity ensures the existence of another, and vice-versa. This is not easily perceivable to the common men, who are worried about the demerits and agonies in life. But if it is experienced that all downs will have equivalent ups in one’s life, this concept can be easily understood. From Indian literary classics, it is very common to note that the seeker of Truth depends on Lord’s blessings and the seeker touches the foot of Saints, Wise-people and scholars. When one is realized and convinced of this fact, then there would be a clear harmony between conflicting sides of life. It aligns with the dancing foot of Lord Siva, which is as beautiful as red flower. Therefore, our mind should be conditioned to accept such knowledge, through consistent meditation and devotion to Lord Siva.

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