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Kundalini Paattu class-20

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Translation & explanation of Verse-20

From the word did seemingly emerge
Not only the outer space, but
Even the earth and the like,
Seeing this, dance, cobra, dance!

(“Peringil ninnu peruveliyennalla
Paaraadi thonniyennaadu paambe”):
Peringil ninnu = from the name, from Lord Siva’s name, from AUM.
Peruveliyennalla = Not only the micro-space.

Paaraadi = including the most macroscopic earth and the similar entities.
Thonniyennu = seeing the emergence and experiencing the existence.
Aadu paambe= O Mind, you should understand this and keep dancing.


This verse explains about the universe’s creation by the Supreme Lord. The starting point is from the name of Lord Siva or in other words from AUM. The creation refers from the elements in micro-space, and spanning upto the most macroscopic earth. The mind should see such emergence and experience its’ existence. In Sree Narayana Guru’s Darshana Mala philosophical poem, Chapter-1 starts with the similar message and affirms as follows -

“At its origin, this world-
Existed as nothingness, dreamlike.
Thereafter the Absolute Being created
Everything existent by willing”.

The original Sanskrit -

“Aaseedagre asadevedam
Bhuvanam swapnavath puna
Sasarja sarvam sankalpa
Maathrena parameshwara”

“Aaseed” means that which existed and cannot be destroyed. So it continues to exist, which is Supreme
Truth or the Supreme Lord himself. Here, when it is said that the world is the Sankalpa (willed presentiment) of Parameswara (the Great Lord) and that its status is the same as that of a dream, the
position strictly conforms to Vedanta line of vision.

In the second verse of this chapter, the Guru illustrates on the methodology of creation as stated below

“In the beginning, in the form of incipient memory factors,
(All) this remained. Then the Lord,
By his own power of false presentiment, like a magician,
Created all this world (of change).”

The original Sanskrit -
aaseedidamatha Prabhuh
Asrjanmayaaya svasya
Mayaveeva akhilam jagat”

Note - If the world is treated as real, then one has to find a source for it somewhere, whether in a maker
or a final cause. There must be a vision corresponding to such a natural position.

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