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Kundalini Paattu class-19

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One there is that swallows up both
The body and the embodied
Knowing Him,
Dance, cobra, dance!

(“Dehavum dehiyumonnayi vizhungidum
ekanumundarinjeedu paambe”):
Dehavum dehiyum = the body and the soul.
Onnayi vizhungidum = that which is swallows up, which is inseparable.
Ekanumundu = there exists a unified Truth.
Arinjeedu paambe= O Mind, you should understand this.

The most dualistic conceptual principle is the body and Soul. This can be illustrated by the example of
gold ornament. In a gold ornament, body is the ornament and Soul is the eternal gold metal in it. We
can visualize the ornament and the gold metal as two separate entities. But they will never exist as two
separate things.

The gold metal, which is the Soul, manifested through a form, is the ornament. It can be asked that
whether the thing is gold metal or ornament. The answer is, both are inseparable. Both of them are
beyond their respective boundaries. But still we call them ‘ornament’ or gold metal, according to the
situations. Similar to the inseparable oneness of gold and ornament is their non-duality (advaithatha).
The eternal gold metal cannot exist without assuming some form that is necessarily transient. So too,
the transient ornament-form cannot have being without gold that is essence is eternal.

The Nature’s case is similar to the above. Nature is the body. The Soul of Nature embedded in it is not
commonly noticed by anyone. If it is noticed, there would be doubt to understand that what is seen is
body or Soul or it is nature or the ultimate Truth. There is only one answer to this: The Nature’s form
that is unreal and the Absolute Truth, which is real are inseparable. That inseparable entity is Lord Siva. This means it is Lord Siva, who is characteristically called as Nature as well as Soul. It is also Lord Siva, who is called as Supreme Truth, which is Pure Self and Soul.

In reality, Lord Siva is inseparable from Existence, Nature and Character. Therefore, O Mind, you should
understand this unique concept of inseparability.

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