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Kundalini Paattu class-XVIII

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Countries and towns and all else together
Become converged in the one tongue;
Your emerging and dancing is from it;
Knowing this, Dance, cobra, dance!

(“Naadum nagaravumonnayi naavil
Ninnaadu nin naamamotheedu paambe”):
Naadum nagaravumonnayi = irrespective of whether village or town, the single point wherein the entire universe is converged to unity, who is Lord Siva.
Naavil ninnaadu = from the tip of the tongue, your form is unfolded and come down to dance.
Nin naamam = your name also belongs to it.
Otheedu paambe= O Mind, you should know this secret embedded in Vedic literature.

This verse highlights on the unified convergence of the entire universe, whether it refers to village, town or any kind of geographic entity to Lord Siva. Therefore, O Mind, your form is seen in the dancing posture from Lord Siva’s tongue tip. Your name is same of that. O Mind, you should understand this secret of knowledge.

Directive message - When the common man interacts with the society in this material transactional world, it is very important to notice the spiritualistic content in the above verse integrating the Absolute Self (Ultimate Reality) with the numerous cosmic bodies. In the modern busy life, many people forget about the Supreme Lord’s blessing needed for the day-to-day activities and to make the system in proper order. This is also to reiterate the ancient lessons depicted in Indian literary classics.

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