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Kundalini Paattu class-XVII

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This body is not real on its own;
An embodied one underlies
it’s being. Knowing this,
Dance, cobra, dance!

Dehamnijamalla= there is no own entity or existence for any human body.

Dehiyoruvan=there is anembodied one, who is Truth, Lord Siva.
Eeedehathilundu= Lord Sivaexists in such body as Absolute Truth.
Arininjeedupaambe= Realizing this,O Mind, continue your Blissful dance peacefully.

Human body has no existence of its own. As per Vedanta principle, it is very famous that only Self (Soul or ‘Dehi’) has the real Self entity. It is also clarified that one Absolute Self is expanded and visible as numerous cosmic bodies. This is the meaning of the famous Upanishad sloka “Sarvamkhalvidam Brahma”. The relation between the body and Soul should be understood in the similar manner of the relation between the ornament and gold metal; and also the relation between wave and water in the ocean.
‘Deham’or body is the form, which is ever-changing. ‘Dehi’ or Soul is the one which does not changeand continuing in the body. In Vedanta,‘Dehi’ is termed as the meritorious part of Brahma. In this verse, ‘Dehi’ refers to Lord Siva. In this universe, there is nothing other than the expanded form of Lord Siva. O Mind, you are in reality, the visible and expanded form of Lord Siva. When you continue your blissful dance realizing this, you would feel a new dimension and greatness in that dancing. That greatness and new dimension would be of Lord Siva and at the same time yours as well.

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