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Kundalini Paattu class-XVI

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Swallowing up all the words
There is a fire that rises high in pure effulgent space.
Ascend to that highest Reality and
Dance, cobra, dance!

(“Chollellamundu chudaraayezhumporul
Ellayilerininnaadu paambe”):
Chollellamundu = absorbing all the words inwards.

Chudaraayi = as the fire.
Ezhumporul = that rises high in pure effulgent space.
Ellayil = in the real illumine light.
Erininnaadu paambe= Ascend to that highest Reality; O Mind, continue your Blissful dance peacefully.

We experience everything in this universe on the basis of peculiar forms. Every form has got name in it. These names are in fact, imaginative creations. An important help these names do is to give object-specific and uniformity in human mind’s activities. When we hear a word, it gives a unique concept in several minds. Thus it can be said that the names are formed from human minds. At the same time, the human mind is formed from the Pure Substance of Knowledge. When we experience the brightness of that Pure Substance, the differences in human minds, the imaginative variances formed in them and the differences on the names induced by the forms, burn away. In other words, it is the fire that burns away all kind of differences and variances. In fact, the illumine is not coming from that fire; but that fire itself is the illumine. That light is the highest Reality in everything. O Mind, the Supreme Truth in you is also that blissful light. Upon realizing this, you would reach the apex point of that knowledge and continue the blissful dancing.

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