Guru Smarana Samithi
"Chaithanya",Chandrathil Road
Edappally - 682024

Kundalini Paattu class-XV

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Becoming aware of that
One matchless word
That alone exists
Absorbing all that is,
Dance, cobra, dance!

Ellaamvizhungi= all inclusive, which are to be perceived separately.

Ethirettezhunna=that which is not equal to anyone.
Oruchollu= one word and one voice, which is of Lord Siva.
Engumundu= realizing that such Truth exist everywhere.
Ninnaadupaambe= O Mind, continue your Blissful dance peacefully.

Whatever we see as existing, the soleTruth in them is Lord Siva. This means theSupreme TruthLord Siva includes everything.
Whatever exists have a name. There is one name that includes all names that exist. That is Lord Siva. All names are words or voices. There is one voice that includes all words or voices. There is one voice that includes all voices. That is AUM. AUMis in turn Lord Siva. Therefore, it is Lord Siva, the Truth existing in all.It is similar to water that is the Truth existing in all waves in the ocean.
When this is realized by the Mind, it becomes clear that it is AUMthat truly exists in the Self.Besides, it will be known that the mind’s dance in also part of AUM. The peace and harmony resulting from this is the most achievement man can attain in his life.

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