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Kundalini Paattu class-XIV

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Ascending the pure effulgent space
That absorbs all learnings,
Dance, cobra, dance!

(“Ellayarivum vizhungi verum
Veliyellayileri ninnadu paambe”):
Ellayarivum vizhungi = that in which all knowledge are included and integral part of it.

Verum veliyellayil = in the luminous Pure knowledge, which is like mere sky.
Eari ninnu = Entered into.

This verse’s essence is that Knowledge seen as Supreme Truth. The Supreme Truth is Quintessence, Knowledge and Bliss all at once. Every one of us has such Supreme Consciousness, but it exists as countless varieties of functionalities and deeds. Thus it occupies individual manifested forms. ‘Bhanam’ refers to the resultant of a process, wherein the Pure knowledge not having any particular form, takes specific forms and manifests in individual Conscious entities. In this process, on which condition the knowledge has been associated, the manifested knowledge will become exactly in such state of affairs.
Examples of such situation can be seen in water, when filled in a glass, becoming the shape of the glass. When the water is filled in a pot, it becomes the shape of the pot. When it is stored in a flat vessel, the shape of water becomes that of that vessel. Thus, whenever we try to find knowledge on any subject, the perceiving knowledge becomes the form of that subject. This means, whatever changes in forms of the knowledge happen or whatever kinds of illuminative functionalities occur, those happen in the one single consciousness. With this situation, it can be said that all kinds of consciousness functionalities are swallowed in the pure knowledge.
When this is closely examined, it can be seen that the pure knowledge is pure Quintessence or Soul. When the pure knowledge manifests brightly in microscopic, macroscopic and causal forms, it results in the visible nature. Thus, it is that single pure knowledge, which swallows the truth of all nature’s experiences. That is Lord Siva.
Evidence is not required to state that the form of knowledge is luminous. Hence, the knowledge that swallows every single knowledge is luminous to all light sources. Knowledge, when it is related to a particular subject has a limit. But that knowledge, which is capable of swallowing everything, will have no limit. This is similar to sky that has no limits and at the same time self-luminous. Thus it can be seen that the Mind-functionality is one of the indefinite forms that is illuminated by such Truth. However, it will last only for a short period of time. In this manner, if we realize that the Truth in our short-lived being is the One Supreme pure light without a beginning and end, then the life will become a Blissful dance.

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