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Kundalini Paattu class-XIII

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Leaning on the tender feet
Of thelone presence that brings forth
Everything and takes them back,
Dance, cobra, dance!

Ellaamirakkiyedukkum= brings forth the entire universe from own self and take them back and dissolve to the same point.
EkanPadapallavam=the Supreme Truth Lord Siva’s soft foot.
Pattininnu= stay close-by.

There is an important definition on Brahman (the Ultimate Reality) given in Upanishad. “From which one is the entire world is created, to which one the entire world merges, it is Brahman”. The new form of this aspect is presented in this verse-13. The only difference is that, in place of Brahman, it is Lord Siva. Since there is no Truth beyond Brahman, Lord Siva is considered to be at the zenith of everything. This is symbolically represented by the height of Kailasa (Himalayas). Therefore, it can be thought that all worldly creations are brought down from such heights.
Since all worldly creations are materialisticin nature, their place is at the bottom. They do not have existence of their own. But a question arises now. When they attain dissolution, what happens to the ultimate reality embedded in them? The answer is - It returns to the highest point of Lord Siva. Further new forms will originate and come down from such Supreme point. After the worldly life, they merge again to Lord Siva. This life-process-cycle will continue without an end or start. That is the nature of life. O Mind, you are only one of such parts, which come from Lord Siva, and perform an oscillated play in this material world. Therefore, you realize that you are Lord Siva himself and experience the communion. O Mind, keep continuing your Blissful dance.

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