Guru Smarana Samithi
"Chaithanya",Chandrathil Road
Edappally - 682024

Kundalini Paattu class-XII

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Seeing the essence of the Vedic lore
That shines on the silvery hill
As always playing within
Dance, cobra, dance!

Vellimalayilvilangumvedapporul= that shines and reside in Silver mountains, which is Himalayas.
Vedapporul=the sole Truth meant in all Vedas.
Ullilkalikkumennaadupaambe= realizing this in my mind.

As per Indian literary classics and mythology,Lord Siva lives in Kailasa (Himalayas). Ordinary man cannot live in a place where permanent solidified snow is found. But for God, this is not a barrier; and ideally, that is the place where he should physically exist symbolically, due to the fact that snow mountain is a symbol of prosperity. Wisdom exist where there is prosperity. Wisdom’s symbolic forms are Vedas. Wisdom while reaching the Supreme Point realizes and becomes everything inclusive of Siva. Everything inclusive of Siva can be seen equivalent to the Vedic sloka “Sarvamkhalvidam Brahma”.
When we search into micro-level, it can be seen that this is the ultimate objective of all Vedas (i.e. to unfold this Supreme Truth). When everything becomes totalinclusive of Siva (Sivamayam), the mind also becomes inclusive of Siva. Therefore, the mind should understand that this universal life is only a small fraction of Siva’s play.Realizing this, O mind, keep continuing your Blissful dance.

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