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Kundalini Paattu class-XI

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Translation & explanation of Verse-XI

Stand firm relishing the name
That burnt down Eros, and
(“Kaamane chutta kannulla kalaarithan
Namam nukarnnu ninnaadu paambe”):
Kaamane chutta kannulla = the God of romantic love was once burnt into ashes through the third
Wisdom eye of Lord Siva.
Kaalaarithan = the God responsible for the life span.
Namam nukarnnu ninnaadu = Learning the real meaning of Lord Siva and appreciating its flavor.

While Lord Siva was meditating, Goddess Parvathi had been performing pooja to get his attention.
According to the mythology, to distract Lord Siva from his meditation, the Cupid (Kaamadevan) sent the flowery arrow towards Lord Siva. Against this attempt, Lord Siva opened his third eye, which is of
Wisdom and burned the Cupid into ashes. Thereafter, the Cupid became bodiless entity. The famous
ancient Indian poet Kalidas has presented this story in his classic ‘Kumarasambhavam’. The main moral
is that only the wisdom power can beat the worldly material pleasures.
Lord Siva has positional names both ‘Kamaari’ and ‘Kaalaari’. This is illustrated more in Markandeya
purana. In this work, Lord Siva recovered the life of Markandeya after defeating ‘Yaman’, the Lord of
death. This story brings us the message that even death process takes place only according to the wish
of Supreme Truth. In Thaithireeya Upanishad, this principle is pictured as running of the Mrithyu due to
this fear. Thus, Lord Siva’s role as Kaalaari as well as destroyer of Kaamadevan is very significant and at
the same time, auspicious.
On one side, practicing to win over the pleasures of life and the other side, attaining the wisdom of
eternal immortality over death. Both these are like two sides of the same coin and it makes the spiritual
system having two sides making the life meaningful and prosperous.

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