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Kundalini Paattu class-IX

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The essential content of the sacred charm
“Namah Shivaaya” conveyed,
By the primordial sound-
Knowing it to be the original source,
Dance, cobra, dance!

(“Naadathilundaam Namashivaayapporul
Aadiyaayullathennadu paambe”):
Naadathilundaam = the primordial sound
Namah Shivaaya porul = the real meaning and essential content of the sacred charm
Aadiyaayullathennu = knowing it as the original source.

As per Indian literary classics, Lord Siva dances while holding a ‘Dhamaru’ drum in his hand, which produces the sound of ‘AUM’ (the primordial sound). That drum is the original source of all sounds, which is manifested as the meaningful voices and words in the audio-world. The Divine mantra “Namah Shivaaya” is the first form generated from that primordial sound. This means, greeting to Lord Siva. Since this has five letters, it is also called ‘Panchaakshari mantra’.
According to Saiva system of Thought (Saiva sampradaayam), this is the mantra, which a Guru renders to his disciple while granting ‘Deeksha’ or holy empowerment. All other mantras and sciences are elaborated forms of the above mantra. Such mantras and sciences lead to only one meaning, which is Supreme Truth. O Mind, bow down to that Supreme Truth, which is Lord Siva and keep the blissful dancing.

In the entire universe, it can be seen that Lord Siva exists in an expandable form. This leads to the fact that Lord Siva is the Primordial Truth and the basis of everything. To summarize this, the mantra “Namah Shivaaya” was originated from the primordial sound “AUM”. From that, all other mantras were formed.
In reality, this universe is manifested from the meanings of such mantras. In this all-inclusive philosophical vision, the Absolute Truth is filled with Lord Siva. O Mind, realizing this vision, keep your Divine dancing.

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