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Kundalini Paattu class-VIII

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She of tresses, in fragrance
Excelling flowers of sweet smell,
Finds place within that beauteous form.
Blissfully viewing it,
Dance, cobra, dance!

(“Poomanakkum kuzhalaalakam pookuma-
Komalameni kandaadu paambe”):
Poomanakkum = That which carries the fragrance of flower
Kuzhalal = Sree Parvathi
Akam pookum = Whom it is situated closely
Aa Komala meni kandu = Visualizing that beautiful form within Self

In verse-7, we saw Lord Siva as unifying entity during the most hateful situation in one’s life. In the current verse, the message is just opposite of it, presenting Goddess Sree Parvathi, who carries the fragrance of beautiful flower on her hair, as part of Lord Siva. This represents “Ardha Nareeswaran” concept, which is one of the famous forms of Lord Siva.
In the Supreme Truth, the qualities of both genders – male and female are equally indispensable reality. “Sivalingam” symbolizes this Divine concept. Here there is no place of man and woman as separate entities. When one sees the meaning of the Individual Self as the resultant of Supreme Truth, there would be Blissful dance with inseparable man and woman qualities.
The modern psychology study findings accept this theory. All psychology experts recognized the fact that every Individual’s mind has the dual characters of male and female embedded. Such beautiful form lies within our own Self.

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