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Kundalini Paattu class-VII

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From the burning ground
Rise ghosts and corpses,
And therein roams around
The Transcendental Reality
Know It thus to be so and
Dance, cobra, dance!

Peayumpinavumpirakkumchudukaadu= The graveyard, which is the place of ghosts and carcass
Eayumparamporulodupaambe=Matching with the Supreme Truth, Lord Siva.

No one likes to go to graveyard, which is the place of mere material-remains and the reminder of unpleasant memories, due to burning of dead-bodies. There is a common belief that the ghosts always exist in the graveyard, which is not a rational concept. This belief became stronger, since the common man is not very clear about the life after death. At the same time, everyone is anxious about this as well as the truth about this concept. However, this is not relevant in this verse. Reality
Human mind has the potential to imagine any idea. As long as this exists, there is no point in questioning such beliefs. ‘Pea’ refers to imaginations on ghost, demon etc. ‘Pinam’ refers to materialistic, which aredead bodies. Both symbolize hatred and disgust. We cannot ignore the fact thatour life has graceful moments on one side and hatred situations on the other.Thus it becomes clear that all such dualities harmonize with the Supreme Truth, which is Lord Siva himself.
O Mind, when you face such difficulties and unfavorable moments in your life, your state will not be restless, if you realize that Lord Siva’s presence in them. You will feel Divine Dance, when you see the single unified Supreme Truth in all dualities of dislikes and pleasures.

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