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Kundalini Paattu class-VI

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His tender blooming form is
Wrapped with spotted leopard-skin
“Within my being He dances".
With this awareness,
Dance, cobra, dance!

Pullippulitholputhaykkumpoomeni= The Divine body of Lord Siva, which is as beautiful as flower and covered with leopard’s skin.
Ennullilkalikkumennaadupaambe=Having realized the secret that such Divine body is always existing in my mind playfully.

Lord Siva’s ‘thandava dance’ wearing leopard’s skin as clothes is very famous in the Indian holy poetical works. This peculiar dance represents the bliss of devotee who realizes Lord Siva, as all-inclusive entity. There is no place for the material beauty of social status in front of such blissful experience. As per the history, Lord Siva had been elevated from the status of an ideal Tribal Leader to a Divine entity. Some of the enemies of Lord Siva, who wanted to test his Divine abilities, let a tiger across Lord Siva’s travel path. Upon seeing the tiger, Lord Siva killed the tigerand took its’ skin and wore it as his dress.
Lord Siva’s dress using elephant’s skin is also denoted from similar situation. Whether the animal is tiger or elephant, the underlying principle is the deep cruel instinct existing within them. This implies that any human being, who is seriously in search of truth, should first defeat the animal qualities within him, in order to obtain the right direction to attain self-realization. Such animal qualities are of bodily and materialistic nature, commonly seen in our life.
The above message isindicated in the concept of Lord Siva wearing the skin of tiger and elephant as his dress.The devotee while attaining all-inclusive Lord Siva bears to have a mind fully filled with the Lord, getting rid of materialistic pleasures. Thus the mind should get freed from various fluctuations of material life compulsions, to leadever blissful life.

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