Guru Smarana Samithi
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Kundalini Paattu class-IV

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The Ananta Snake of a thousand-
Million hoods is you;
Open out those million hoods
And dance, cobra, dance!

AayiramkodianandanneeyaananamAayiravumthurannaadupaambe= you being the face of thousand crores, open the countless faces.

The mind is capable of expressing countless aspects, similar to the AnantaSnake having thousand crore faces. O Mind, you open such faces and view them as Lord Siva’s form and Divine dance.
Though human mind is individual specific, there is no limit to materialize indifferential character faces. The ancient Cobra named Anantan is said to have countless heads. The human mind is similar to that Anantan snake.
When we prove to state that the individual has mind, it can be assumed that the universe also has mind. In this context, the cosmic world is said to be the resultant manifestation of that universal mind. In other words,this nature is one of the countless multi-faces of that universal Cobra. Such frolic activity of mind is seen everywhere and therefore, nothing else is significant. Let the mind realizes this secret and engage in any activity.

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