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Kundalini Paattu class-II

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Keep close to the lotus feet
Of the God who dons
The crescent moon and laburnum bloom
And Dance, cobra, dance!

Thingalumkonnayum= the crescent moon and laburnum flower.
Padapankajamchernnuninnu= Keeping close to the lotus feet

According to ancient mystic, Lord Siva has ornaments of crescent moon and laburnum flower on his head. These objects are closely bonded to his lotus feet.
As per the history, Lord Siva who dwells in forestaccepts flowers as ornaments. Among these flowers, the most beautiful one is laburnum. Crescent moon is the most illumine that exists at heights. Mind’s individual form is moon, which symbolically represents Wisdom. Crescent indicates the point at which the mind can attain Supreme Truth. When the mind attains this, it reaches the point of Wisdom illuminating the transcendental domain.Thus, crescent moon pictorially represents valuesaspect. Laburnumflower represents world aspect. Both are inseparable and close to Lord Siva.
To see crescent moon, one has to look upwards in the line of Bliss. The laburnum flower, which is turned downwards, depicts a piously-fragment. Thus we get dualities of two terminal points of a vertical axis in existential bliss form. These two opposites are harmonized in Lord Siva. This is directly linked to the dualities of worldaspects of happiness-sorrow, purity-sin, spiritual-material, which are contained in the unified Truth.
Padapankajam refers to the closeness to Lord Siva’s lotus feet. The feet, which is firmed in the ground indicates the locus of Supreme Truth. The beauty and brightness come from Lotus. This also implies, the mind should be firm enough to face any situations in life. When the mind is sustained to be closely attached with the Lord, there is every possibility to merge our consciousness with that of Lord. Thus, closeness to the lotus feet clarifies the maximum possibility to become the representative of Lord Siva himself.

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