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This work in Malayalam, which resembles in style the Tamil hymns known as “Pampaatti Chinthu” must have been written between 1887 and 1897 at Aruvippuram. Manjari, a South Indian meter is used in its original. This poetical hymn praising Lord Siva is also treated as an instructional composition, due to its unique feature advising the human mind to concentrate on the Lord, in devotees’ every action. In this poem, ‘paambu’ or snake (cobra) is analogically meant to human mind. Thus, it finds a Divine position in meditations.

Translation & explanation of Verse-1

Dance, cobra, dance!
Seeking your own burrow
And witnessing the Bliss
Of Grace in Wild display;
Dance, cobra, dance!

(“Aadu paambe, punam thedu paambe
Arulaananda koothukandaadu paambe”):
punam thedu paambe = snake, seek your own burrow.
Arulaanandam = bliss of grace.
Koothukandu= emotions in wild display.

Snakes rest in burrows; likewise the entire universe rest in Supreme Truth. In this verse, the Supreme Truth is considered as Lord Siva. Philosophically, the same Siva exists in various forms in the universe. In poetic literature, the visible material world is manifestation arisen from Lord Siva’s Divine dance. In it, the world, me, my mind and the mind’s fluctuations are included. The human mind’s wave nature and instability are very common in everyone’s life. During such situations, we tell our mind “While you are oscillating without any firmness, do not forget one thing that, your real abode is Lord Siva. The reality in you is Siva. With such consciousness, whatever you see in your fluctuations, would be Lord Siva. So your aim should be to view and realize Siva in all your varying moments that would gradually merge with the Lord. Upon such realization, O mind, you will no longer be the mind, but Siva Himself”.

The principle: Search for Truth is the prime job of human mind, in ideal terms. During this continuous spiritual process called “mananam”, the mind elevates to the apex point and ultimately, the urge for material pleasures will cease.

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