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Sree Vasudeva Ashtakam - Class VII

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To the one who serves as
The strong armour that withstands
The perils of all worldly becoming,
To the bestower of all values,
To the kindly one,
To the primeval being,
To the one who is Sath
As well as Chith in essence,
All my perpetual obeisances to you.
O the Lord of both Sri and Bhu,
O Hari, please take away
All my afflictions.

SreeBhoopathehara hare sakalaamayammae”):
Samsaarasankadavishankadakankadaaya= the sorrows and difficulties in the material world arethe problems faced by the common man. In order to get rid of such problems, Lord Krishna blesses the devotee in the form of a warrior wearing a body protective shield.
Sarvaarthadaayasadayaayasanaathanaaya= the Lord, who bless us always with all material comforts and needs, the compassionate and the ever-existing.
Sachinmayaayabhavathe= the one having wisdom knowledge.
Bhavathesathathamnamosthu=All my perpetual obeisances to you and bowing unto You always
SreeBhoopathe = the Lord of both Sreeand Bhu
Hara hare sakalamayammae= O Hari, please take away all my afflictions and difficulties

This verse emphasizes on greeting Lord Vishnu in a distinctive perception related to normal devotees’ material life.It addresses the most common issue that a householder devotee can face, which is a material life demanding peace and happiness. As per the puranaas, anybody leading an ideal material life is qualified to get Lord’s blessing. Though spirituality is the supreme driving element at the helm of anyone’s life, seamless and flawless life on earth is the first thing any person leading an ordinary life is looking at.
The existence of one’s body is depending on good food and clothing, perfect health and good shelter to live in. Primary happiness depends on the level of these essential aspects. Without a healthy body, no one can sit in meditation. To have a healthy body, good food and clothing and protection from adverse weather conditions are required. Lord is represented by the wisdom knowledge.A major need is to get Lord’s blessing always.

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