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Sree Vasudeva Ashtakam - Class VI

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O the mighty lion that
Killed the elephant Kamsa the demon,
O the king who fights the enemies
Comprising all terrible afflictions,
O the one born in the clan of Surasena,
O the one whose lotus like heel
Keeps Hamsa and others
Always supremely happy,
O the Lord of both Sri and Bhu,
O Hari, please take away
All my afflictions.

SreeBhoopathehara hare sakalaamayammae”):

Kamsaasuradwiradakesariveerakhora= the mighty & powerful lion that killed the elephant Kamsa, the demon
Vairakaraamayavirodhakaraaja= the king who fights the enemies comprising all terrible afflictions and diseases. It is the seat of console for all diseases.
Shourea= the one who was born in the clan of Surasena.
HamsaadiramyaSaraseeruhapaadamoola= the one whose lotus-like heel keeps the people with supreme knowledge always supremely happy
SreeBhoopathe = the Lord of both Sreeand Bhu 
Hara hare sakalamayammae= O Hari, please take away all my afflictions and difficulties

In this verse, Guru reminds further roles of Lord Krishna thereby leading normal devotees’ minds elevated to spiritual insights. Lord Krishna as young boy had to kill his Maternal uncle Kamsa to regain Dharma. Since this needs to be understood in the right context,a creative poetic talent is contributed in these lines. In a normal sense, it is not acceptable that a youth doing such action. The Divine power in Lord Krishna, an incarnation; is depicted as Supreme Power of mighty lion to do such deed.

The deceases happening to anyone are not good news, as they are painful and therefore considered as one’s enemies. Lord Krishna is seen as Supreme King, who defends such enemies coming for an attack.In real life, it is very common that people pray to God, in order to drive away the decease which threatens them. 

Those who attained Supreme Widsom are called Paramahamsar, and they have an affinity towards lotus flower. Lord Krishna is fascinated by those people and colorfully relates his heel as beautiful lotus. Lotus is associated with purity, rebirth and divinity as well as spiritual awakening and enlightenment. In Bhagavad Gita chapter-5, verse-10, lotus flower is referred as cited here: “One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus is untouched by water”.

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