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Athmopadesha Shathakam class is progressing

Who is a Guru?

A saintly contemplative man who can impart wisdom and give enlightenment to a seeker of truth is traditionally honored as a Guru. To those who grope in darkness Guru is like a bacon of light giving direction to their destination. To the weaklings who have no stamina to strive, the Guru is like a nourishing elixir which imparts courage and strength. To those who lost their track in the desert sands of despair he appears like an oasis of hope and gives a helping hand to come out of the wilderness of confusion. Narayana Guru was such a kindly friend to mankind who saved many by the light of his wisdom.


About Narayana Guru

Narayana Guru was born during India’s darkest days. The British ruled the country and Indian culture was at its most deciduous . Local chiefs called Rajas and Maharajas were exploiting the people who lived in fear and toiled under the hegemony of feudalism. Read More


Narayana Gurukulam

Narayana Gurukulam foundation was established in 1923 by Nataraja Guru, the successor disciple of Narayana Guru, a Guru-disciple foundation for teaching unitive understanding and universal brotherhood.       Read More


Guru Smarana Samithi

Those were the days of meetings, mass conferences and public processions causing noise pollutions with which people are fed up. So a few people formed an organization in 1981 known as Guru Smarana Samithi under the able presidentship of Sri. T.S. Sidharthan, to study the teachings of ... Read More


Gurudarsanam - Online Class

Online study program on Sree Narayana Guru's teachings, compositions and philosophy. Daivadasakam begins from the first friday June onwards with the commentary of Guru nitya Chaithanya Yathi and Guru Muni Narayana Prasad. This class is a continuing process and uploads Ist Friday of every month Read More


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